Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere Sweater

Seth, the New Yorker

Seth is a freelance journalist, four years older than me. Toko-san runs a restaurant business and he used to work in her office.

“You seem to love books, so I’m sure you’ll get on with him quite well,” said Toko-san and introduced us to each other.

Seth lived in an apartment on 38th and Lexington. I got the address and paid a visit. It was an old six-story building, very clean-looking, with a small lobby that had Henri Rousseau’s poster.

I was looking around for an elevator when the doorman approached and said, “You must be a friend of Seth’s. We’ve been expecting you,” and kindly pointed me to the elevator.

He lived in the penthouse, so I pushed the button that said “PH” (how cool is that! A “PH” button). A nice scent of rosemary filled the car.

When the elevator door opened, Seth welcomed me with a great smile.

“The doorman told me that you were here! Welcome!” he said, and put his arms around my shoulder and led me inside.

Being that it was a penthouse, I had the image of a gorgeous place, but it was rather simple, just the right size for one person, and it just happened to be on the top floor of a standard apartment building.

“Come, this way,” said Seth as he invited me to the balcony. “Look, this is my favorite view of the city. What do you think?”

Pots of rosemary were laid out on the balcony.

“It feels nicer than being inside. Have a seat, Yataro,” and he offered me a foldable chair to sit on.

Just as Seth said, the vast view of New York City, the bustling noise that rose up, the comfortable breeze, the twinkling but soft autumn sun, everything was so nice and pleasant.

“See, that’s the Empire State Building. So beautiful at night.”

And Seth began to tell me his story. That this room belonged to his long-estranged father who owns a real estate business, how he sometimes writes in a column for the New York Times, his relationship with Toko-san, etc.

Seth, the New Yorker image

I said, “Thank you for telling me about you,” to which Seth said, “I’d love to hear more about you someday, Yataro.”

“Next time, I’ll take you to my favorite book shop in New York. And if you plan to stay in the city for a while, then I recommend you rent a room rather than stay in a hotel. Don’t worry, I’ll help you find a room.”

“Thank you so much,”
“You are already my friend. Here in New York, people help each other out, so don’t worry,”
Seth said with a smile.

“C’mon, let’s go for a pizza! It’s getting cold outside, so better wrap up!”

That’s when Seth lent me his sweater since I came with just a shirt. His sweater was big, bulky, and very warm.

Cashmere Sweater

The Ultimate Softness

The soft and smooth luster, the warmth and high moisture-absorbing ability. This is a sweater made with 100% cashmere, the jewel of textiles.
We were most particular about the texture and the finish. Most sweaters will gradually start to fluff out and get softer with each wear, but with UNIQLO cashmere, you can enjoy the ultimate softness from day one.

The ultimate softness of cashmere that melts even your heart, a result of the many studies and countless samples.

Cashmere Sweater
Cashmere Sweater

The ultimate softness of cashmere that melts even your heart, a result of the many studies and countless samples.

Cashmere Sweater

The Warmth of a Sweater

Seth took me to John’s Pizzeria, an old joint on Bleecker Street. We shared the traditional Neapolitan pizza, margherita.

Blown away by the great taste, I said, “This is so good.” Seth told me that this place is a favorite of New Yorkers and even appeared in a Woody Allen film, then continued to explain why the pizza was so good (the types of flour used, the way they bake their pizza, etc.).

Gradually, I realized how much of a New Yorker Seth was. He has clear likes or taste about everything, and he can give you the answer and even the details to my questions.

After the meal, we walked on the streets of Greenwich Village at night and stopped by a café for a cup of coffee. When we sat down, Seth took out the New York Times. “There is a list of sublet apartments where you can rent from an individual for a certain period of time. Let’s see what we can find.” “It’d be nice if I can find a room for $400 a month…”

As we looked, Seth spotted a small one-bedroom on West 74th Street.

The Warmth of a Sweater image

“This is a good location. I’ll give the owner a call tomorrow. This will be much better than living in a hotel,” Seth suggested. It was like a dream to rent my own room in New York, even for a short period of time.

Before we parted, I took off the sweater so I can return it to him but he said, “It’s cold so just keep it on. You can give it back to me the next time we see each other.”

“Give me a call tomorrow, late afternoon. I’m sure I’ll know more about the room by then.”

“Thanks for today, Yataro,” and he gave me a small hug. —I said, “Thank you, Seth.”

I just loved how he would say my name when we talked. So I tried it myself and this made me feel very warm inside.

I got back to my hotel room and took off the Seth’s sweater and immediately got the chills. Wow, it really is cold today! Made me appreciate how warm the sweater really was.

So I put it back on, opened the windows, and took in the night view of the city, once again.

Cashmere Sweater

The ultimate basic is…

Maintaining a style in this ever-changing world is to always think of the entire balance. The thickness of the knitwear, the size, the form that speaks to the time, the line and the shape around the neck, the arms…With each season, we make millimeter updates to pursue the ultimate basic.

From this season, we made improvements on Extra Fine Merino and the ribbed knitwear. We’ve changed the tension of the stitching around the arm, torso, and the wrist area to achieve a stress-free, natural fit.

Cashmere Sweater
Cashmere Sweater

From this season, we made improvements on Extra Fine Merino and the ribbed knitwear. We’ve changed the tension of the stitching around the arm, torso, and the wrist area to achieve a stress-free, natural fit.

Put on cashmere.
Touch the cashmere.
Feel the cashmere.
The happiness of the day.

Yataro Matsuura
Cashmere Sweater
LifeWear Story 100

What is “LifeWear story 100?”

there exist these lines of clothes
which has remained for many years,
yet never dated.
Out of the line-ups,
they are the unsung presence,
sitting quietly behind in TV ads.

Yet, they are the culmination
of the years of passion and devotion,
where UNIQLO sought to pursue
more comfort,
more durability, and
more quality.

They give shape and gravitas
to what and who UNIQLO is,
and what UNIQLO continues
to nurture with great care.

To go beyond yesterday,
to reach higher tomorrow.

When you take it in your hands,
when you try it on,
it softly speaks to you,
almost like a friend.

What is a rich quality
How is such a quality day spent?
What does happiness mean to you…

And you will find yourself
surprised to discover that such
piece of clothing has existed.

What is the UNIQLO principle?
Why do we call clothing LifeWear?
What kind of clothes constitute

Here, we go deep into
the root of LifeWear,
to know
and to tell.
And I hope to write
stories that revolve
around LifeWear and myself.

LifeWear story 100 will be
a story about a journey with me and LifeWear.

Yataro Matsuura

Yataro Matsuura
Yataro Matsuura

Essayist, editor. Born 1965 in Tokyo.
For nine years from 2005, under the leadership of the founder, Shizuko Ohashi, he was the chief editor for the magazine, “Kurashi no Techo.” Since, he launched an online media site, “Kurashi no Kihon.” Currently, sits as a director for Oishii Kenko Ltd. Recognized for his eye for style and experience in presenting ideas for quality lifestyle. Regularly writes in his columns in newspapers and magazines. Has penned numerous best-sellers including “Kyo mo Teinei ni” and “Shigoto no Kihon Kurashi no Kihon 100.” Hosts a radio program on NHK Radio 1, “Karen Style.”