The Art and Science of LifeWear

Creating a New Standard in Knitwear


Our exhibition introduces UNIQLO LifeWear through five themes: Art, Science, Craftsmanship, Fashion and Collaboration.

The first three themes explain the core philosophies of LifeWear.
Through the theme of Fashion, learn how you can style UNIQLO items together to create a complete look. Through the theme of Collaboration, explore our original cashmere sweaters styled with a touch of fun thanks to a collaboration with three popular Parisian fashion brands.

Enjoy reading about LifeWear!


Knits in a Hundred Colours

UNIQLO knitwear is available today in a kaleidoscope of colours - we craft each hue by expertly blending high-quality dyes.

Every season our colour palette is inspired by lifestyles, extending beyond fashion trends so our offerings can be integrated into everyday life to meet the challenges it presents.


The Future of Knits

WHOLEGARMENT represents the future of knitwear, enabling carefully calibrated and beautiful three-dimensional silhouettes for outstanding design and comfort. These seamless items are made using the advanced knitting machines of Shima Seiki.

WHOLEGARMENT knitwear is affordably priced in keeping with UNIQLO's commitment to ensuring form, function and fashion are accessible to all. We hope that everyone enjoys the installation and the video demonstrating our knitting and manufacturing process.


Excellent Quality and Value

UNIQLO knitwear is carefully fashioned by skilled craftspeople. Consistently high standards are applied to each stage of the manufacturing process, from the sourcing of raw materials to spinning, dyeing, knitting, washing and inspection. While traditional craftsmanship is required, we have also adopted the latest technologies and methods in mass production to ensure we can consistently deliver large quantities of high-quality items.

This video presents the interior of a factory in China that embodies the LifeWear philosophy of supplying the best knitwear to people everywhere.


Perfect Styling

While simple, UNIQLO knitwear is also comfortable, with designs and attention to detail that ensure that each item looks fabulous on the person wearing it. Because of the sophisticated designs, people can coordinate various colours and enjoy layering to create individual looks, making LifeWear loved among millions.

Knitwear is available in different materials, designs and colours, including Uniqlo U knits from the UNIQLO Paris R&D team led by Christophe Lemaire. This winter you are certain to find styles that match your mood.


LifeWear Through the Lens of Paris

Bonjour Paris!
UNIQLO cashmere has remained a long-lasting favorite among Parisians because of its high quality knit finish and simple, sophisticated design choices. For this event only, we are delighted to present a special new collaboration with three notable Paris names: Maison Labiche, Keur Paris and Andrea Crews.

LifeWear Day Event Comments

  • The sheer care put into the quality assurance is mindblowing and so refreshing.

    UK / Stylist

  • The colour variation, the softness at touch, all stages of the fabrication by hand.

    France / Project head

  • That everything is so well though through.

    France / Producer/Editor

  • The price point is low for the quality provided.

    Germany / PR

  • How they actually come in areally good price and actually had a real craftsmanship.

    Thailand / Fashion Journalist

  • The price is very reasonable, it has very good quality and I'm surprised by the making of the knitwear.

    Indonesia / Managing Editor

  • The fact that the brand really pays attention to the production of its products.

    France / Fashion Editor

  • The amount of process going into creating them Doesn't make you feel it's mass-produced but rather a lot of thought is put into it.

    Thailand / Fashion Editor

  • The simplicity and the elegance of the knitwear.

    France / Social Media Manager