View the archival contents like interviews from the past issues of LifeWear magazine.

Issue 01 2019 Fall & Winter

The inaugural issue of LifeWear magazine centered on the theme of “New Form Follows Function,” our design concept for the 2019 Fall & Winter collection. The interview with Roger Federer is not to be missed.

Issue 02 2020 Spring & Summer

Our second issue focused on the theme of “Livable Cities.” Exploring destinations all over the world, from Tokyo and Kyoto to Copenhagen, Hawaii, New York and Cuba, we considered livable cities and the people who live there, as well as their relationships to clothing.

Issue 03 2020 Fall & Winter

Our third issue, entitled “Our Tomorrow,” was organized around the theme of sustainability. As exemplified by our down recycling program, which started the same season as this issue, we considered what needs to be done today for a better tomorrow, and for a brighter future.

Issue 04 2021 Spring & Summer

Our fourth issue, which took the theme of “Find Your Healthy,” features a fresh, pop-inspired cover illustration from illustrator Mizumaru Anzai. Compiled in the spirit of good health, this issue includes an interview with Haruki Murakami, who has collaborated with UT.

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