Available from September 19th

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This collection takes inspiration from British heritage garments,

now updated by JW ANDERSON, one of London's most innovative and forward-thinking designers.

Within UNIQLO LifeWear, this timeless collection reflects our core values of thoughtfulness, quality and excellence in material and functionality.

Women's collection

Jonathan Anderson comments “Collaborations are incredibly important in design.

When I think of Uniqlo, I think of things that are perfectly made, that people have spent a lot of time considering; it’s a difficult job, and I think Uniqlo do it very well.

Working with Uniqlo is probably the most incredible template of democracy in fashion, and it’s nice that my design can be accessible to anyone, on all different levels.”

Men's collection

JW Anderson

Northern Irish designer Jonathan Anderson established JW Anderson in 2008.

At first an elaborate collection of accessories, it quickly attracted attention and enabled the fledgling label to show on-schedule during the 2008 London Fashion Week season.

The success of this debut collection earned both critical acclaim and commercial success for Anderson,

whose label is now regarded as one of London’s most innovative and forward thinking brands.

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