Life and Summer

11 Tips for Staying Fresh with LifeWear in the Summer Heat.

  • (L) Premium Linen Long Sleeve Shirt
  • SUPIMA COTTON Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt
  • Vintage Regular Fit Chino Pants
  • Italian Leather Narrow Belt
  • (R) W’s Premium Linen Striped Skipper Collar 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
  • W's U Wide Fit Curved Jeans (Uniqlo U)

SUMMER TIP 1 Good French Linen Shirts

An airy linen shirt feels just right on the first refreshing days of summer. Using the fines European linen from France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, our shirts are unbelievably soft to the touch and have a refined luster that will catch the summer sun. Try out a slightly larger size, tucked in. Available for women in a pullover with a skipper collar. Every wardrobe needs a shirt that promises the best of summer, making you look forward to the summers yet to come.

In addition to a summery blue, the men’s shirt comes in 11 colors, while the women’s skipper collar shirt comes in 8 colors and the button-up shirt comes in 16 colors, an array of the exquisite hues for which linen is famous. Find the tone that’s right for you.

SUMMER TIP 2 Shorts Style

After linen, shorts are the essential summer garment. On hot days, it’s nice to feel the air on your skin. 1. Wear chino shorts with a brass-button blazer for a preppy ensemble. Our Comfort Blazer is cool even in summer. 2. This pique polo, braided leather belt and green sweatshirt make for a classic sporty style. 3. Striped linen shirt with ring-belted, pleated shorts. White shorts look great against sunkissed skin.

  • 1.
    Comfort Blazer
  • Extra Fine Cotton Broadcloth Checked Short Sleeve Shirt
  • SUPIMA COTTON Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt
  • Chino Shorts
  • Leather Wide Mesh Belt
  • 2.
    W’s Stretch Pique Short Sleeve Polo Shirt
  • Sweat Long Sleeve Shirt (Men's L)
  • W's Satin Shorts *Not available in Japan
  • W's Mesh Skinny Belt
  • 3.
    W’s Premium Linen Striped Long Sleeve Shirt
  • W’s U Ribbed Crew Neck Short Sleeve Sweater
  • W’s High Rise Belted Denim Shorts

SUMMER TIP 3 Supima Cotton Collection

Don’t forget clothes made from SUPIMA® cotton, the epitome of softness. Cotton is ranked by the length of its fibers, the longer the better, and SUPIMA® uses the highest-quality extra-long staple cotton fibers grown in the United States. Available in a variety of styles and colors, our T-shirts and summer weight knits are so luxuriously soft it’s hard to let them go. The more basic, the better.

  • 1. SUPIMA COTTON Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt
  • 2. SUPIMA COTTON V Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt
  • 3. W's SUPIMA COTTON Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt
  • 4. W's SUPIMA COTTON V Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt
  • 1. W's UV CutSUPIMA COTTON V Neck Long Sleeve Cardigan
  • 2. SUPIMA COTTON Crew Neck Long Sleeve Sweater
  • 3. SUPIMA COTTON V Neck Long Sleeve Sweater
  • 4. W's UV Cut SUPIMA COTTON Crew Neck Long Sleeve Cardigan

SUMMER TIP 4 Supima Underwear

This high-quality cotton feels amazing against bare skin. These classic boxer briefs and chic socks make their debut in standard colors. To truly understand high quality, it’s crucial to start with the basics.

SUMMER TIP 5 Water Resistant

In surprise showers, a light waterproof coat gives you much more freedom than an umbrella. On the left is our women’s Light BLOCKTECH Coat, new this season. This pocketable coat has all the water repellency and breathability that BLOCKTECH is known for, but with much thinner fabric. Stash it in your bag, just in case. The minimalist BLOCKTECH parka on the right is great for commuting in a suit or collared shirt. Its stretchable fabric also makes it fit for active use.

*Water resistant only

  • W's Light BLOCKTECH Coat
  • W's Striped Boat Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • W's Gather Shorts *Not available in Japan
  • W's Nylon Mini Shoulder Bag
  • UV Cut Hat
  • Oxford Striped Long Sleeve Shirt
  • EZY Wide Fit Cargo Jogger Pants
  • Silk Knitted Tie
  • Leather Wide Mesh Belt
  • Backpack

BLOCKTECH bags from Uniqlo U, employing water-repellent fasteners.

  • 1. BLOCKTECH 2Way Tote Bag
  • 2. BLOCKTECH Shoulder Bag
  • 3. BLOCKTECH Fanny Pack

SUMMER TIP 6 Sports Utility Wear

Consider the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). A rugged form of transportation that can take you anywhere, easily maneuvering both the city and the wilderness. So, what’s the clothing equivalent? One answer would be Sport Utility Wear (SUW). The sort of clothing that covers every task, from daily errands to light activity. Highly functional and easy to wear, while authentically designed and flattering on anyone. Clothing like this is bound to make every day a little easier.

for Walking
With a relaxed silhouette, this cropped and roomy top is made from stretchy, quick-drying fabric to help you stay cool, even if you break a sweat chasing your dog.
  • W's DRY Soft Sweat Long Sleeve Pullover Hoodie
  • W's U Polo Half Sleeve Dress (Uniqlo U)
for Gym
A cool blue DRY-EX T-shirt, as a base layer. With a natural fit, it is both highly breathable and quick to dry. Sharp enough to wear on the way to the gym, but comfortable enough to wear while exercising.
  • AIRism UV Cut Full Zip Hoodie
  • DRY-EX Crew Neck T-Shirt
  • Dry Stretch Sweat Pants
for Yoga
Nothing is more comfortable than the soft touch of AIRism. Wake up rested and head straight for the yoga mat. Opting for an AIRism Bra Top is another cool summer idea.
  • W's AIRism Seamless V Neck Short Sleeve Long T-Shirt
  • W's AIRism Bra Sleeveless Top
  • W's AIRism Soft Leggings

Tradition × Innovation?

1. Aizome
2. Dorozome

DRY-EX, made using techniques designed for sports apparel, meets traditional Japanese dyeing techniques using indigo and mud, in one of our latest collections. For indigo, we worked with Buaisou in Tokushima, while for mud dyeing we worked with Kanai Kougei in Amami Oshima. Since these synthetic materials won’t retain natural dyes, we’ve printed on them using actual patterns taken from dyed cotton. The expression of the patterns varies from one garment to the next, in a mélange of innovation and tradition. Soon appearing in AIRism as well, and in leggings and bras.

  • 1. DRY-EX Crew Neck T-shirt
  • 2. W's DRY-EX Printed Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt

Column 1

SUMMER TIP 7 Sandals, Espa, Sandals!

What’s lighter on the feet than sandals? 1. Sport sandals from UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON in navy blue with vivid yellow accenting. Perfect with a pair of colorblock socks. 2. These chic black strap sandals look elegant with fine gauge ankle socks. 3. This pair of sandals from Uniqlo U easily combines a toe thong and an ankle strap, in muted tones. Just right for denim. 4. Espadrilles debut this season. This cheery yellow is like a sunflower.

  • 1.
  • W's Slouch Tapered Ankle Jeans
  • 2.
  • EZY Wide Fit Parachute Jogger Pants
  • Socks
  • 3.
    W's Ankle Strap Flat Sandals
  • W's EZY Ankle Pants (2WAY stretch) Stripe
  • W's Regular Socks 3P
  • 4.
    W's Espadrilles

SUMMER TIP 8 Summer Trad

Dress trad and stay fresh on the hottest days! 1,2. Wear a seersucker jacket over a linen shirt and knitted tie for a cool, classic look. 3. Short sleeve pullover shirts are one of this summer's trends. The boxy silhouette, cut on the wider side, is made for shorts. 4. Denim shirt dresses, an enduring American classic. This lightweight denim is a sign of summertime.

  • 1.
    Light Weight Jacket
  • Silk Knitted Tie
  • 2.
    Extra Fine Cotton Broadcloth Striped Short Sleeve Pull Over Shirt
  • 3.
    W's U Denim Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

SUMMER TIP 9 Morning Jog

There’s nothing better than an early morning jog, when the air is cool and the sky is full of light, but pretty soon, the sun turns harsh. With the morning air so fresh, it feels too early to put on sunblock. For times like these, it’s good to pack a thin layer you can wear to block the sun. Try taking along one of these hoodies made with AIRism or DRY-EX, breathable and quick-drying yet built to cut out UV radiation. They’re so light you’ll barely notice that they’re tied around your waist, like the man pictured here.

  • (L)
    W's AIRism UV Cut Mesh Full Zip Long Sleeve Hoodie
  • W's AIRism Bra Sleeveless Top
  • W's Ultra Stretch Active Shorts
  • W's AIRism Soft Biker Shorts
  • (R)
    AIRism Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • DRY-EX UV Cut Full Zip Hoodie
  • Ultra Stretch Active Short Pants
  • UV Cut Sports Cap
  • Sports Half Socks

AIRism for Winter?

AIRism works wonders in the summer, but it gets high marks in winter, too. When the heat is on inside, it’s easy to start sweating. In many offices the temperature is set too high and can’t be easily adjusted, but AIRism will help you keep your cool and get you through the day. Don’t forget AIRism when winter comes.

  • AIRism Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt
  • AIRism Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt

Column 2


A little excess here and there will add up down the line. Protect yourself against the summer sun with these handy items you can wear on the go. 1. Starting this season, we’re using UV-blocking textiles in our twill cap. The wide-brimmed hat beside it is made from a cool, light paperlike material. 2. Sunglasses are a must-have. Classic sporty styles and clear lenses alike can block out UV radiation. 3. This long cardigan is the sort of wearable sunscreen you can put on anytime. Airy and comfortable, great for summer workdays. 4. Scarves made using AIRism, for keeping your neck fresh even when you’re sweating.

  • 1.
    UV Cut Twill Cap
  • W's UV cut Adjustable Paper Capeline Hat
  • 2.
    Sports Rimless Sunglasses
  • Oval Sunglasses
  • Boston Combination Clear Sunglasses
  • 3.
    W's UV Cut Slit Long Sleeve Long Cardigan
  • 4.
    W's AIRism UV Cut Stole
  • W's AIRism UV Cut Stole

SUMMER TIP 11 Classic Swimwear

At the height of summer, we run off to the ocean and the pool. This classic women’s swimwear is from Uniqlo U. The one-piece and the gathered bikini both come in striking colors. The nicely colored men’s swim shorts can be worn around town as well.

  • 1. W's Swim Bra (Uniqlo U)
  • 2. W's Swim Shorts (Uniqlo U)
  • 3. W's Seamless One-piece (Uniqlo U)
  • 4. Swim Active Shorts *Not available in Japan

Photography by Kenta Sawada (models), Yoshio Kato (products)
Styling by Junichi Nishimata Hair & Makeup by Shinya Kawamura
Text by Uniqlo Editing by Kyosuke Nitta
Special thanks to Mika Hashizume, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

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