To create a world where no one is forced to flee.

According to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, over 100 million people* around the world have been driven from their homes by conflict and persecution or are being forced to flee due to war and oppression. UNIQLO has been working with UNHCR since 2006 to support them. In 2011, UNIQLO and UNHCR entered a global partnership and since then we have been providing continuous support to people who have been forcibly displaced, regardless of their circumstances or where they come from. Along with UNHCR, in collaboration with other NGOs, we do not only provide goods and financial donations, but also extend comprehensive support to enable refugees and other displaced people to build new lives by offering vocational training and providing employment, boosting self-reliance.

*Source: UNHCR: Ukraine, other conflicts push forcibly displaced total over 100 million for first, 23 May 2022

  • Emergency assistance Emergency assistance
  • Clothing donations Clothing donations
  • Supporting livelihoods and self-reliance Supporting livelihoods and self-reliance
  • Employing refugees at UNIQLO stores Employing refugees at UNIQLO stores
Emergency assistance

Humanitarian assistance for the Ukraine crisis (2022)

For the humanitarian emergency in Ukraine, Fast Retailing, parent company of UNIQLO, donated US$10 million (approx. ¥1.15 billion) to UNHCR to support people forced to flee. The donation provided urgent assistance such as shelter, psychosocial support and emergency supplies to affected populations in Ukraine and neighboring countries. In response to UNHCR's needs, Fast Retailing also announced a donation of 100,000 items of clothing and other products, such as UNIQLO HEATTECH blankets and HEATTECH innerwear. Individual UNIQLO operations in the EU have also started donating UNIQLO products and recycled clothes, including secondhand winter clothing that customers have brought into our stores. We are also raising funds from our employees and customers, and we have launched an employment program for those who have fled Ukraine in Germany and the Netherlands.

Helping Combat COVID-19 (2020-2021)

Many refugees and other displaced people live under circumstances in which they lack access to sufficient medical care or proper sanitation. As such, life in refugee camps or densely populated urban spaces carry a high risk of infection. In 2021, Fast Retailing donated over 3 million UNIQLO AIRism masks to UNHCR for distribution to refugees and internally displaced persons worldwide as well as host communities. Fast Retailing also donated US$100,000 to help UNHCR respond to the coronavirus pandemic with essential support and services, including assistance to children deprived of educational opportunities due to COVID-19.

Winter survival assistance in Afghanistan (end 2021)

Even before the full-fledged onset of winter, when temperatures can fall below zero, many persons forcibly displaced in Afghanistan and surrounding regions had suffered from drought and other natural disasters, as well as food shortages. All of these are in addition to the risk of COVID-19. Fast Retailing donated US$800,000 (approximately 92 million yen) in winter assistance to UNHCR to provide relief supplies, such as blankets, solar lanterns and tent insulation kits, to allow people forced to flee, especially women and children in particularly vulnerable situations, to protect themselves from sub-zero temperatures. Fast Retailing and UNIQLO U.S.A also donated over 42,000 winter items including fleece jackets and Heattech innerwear to people evacuated from Afghanistan in partnership with International Organization for Migration (IOM) and other local partners.

UNIQLO Supports Refugees Worldwide

UNIQLO always aims to maximize the potential of the “power of clothing” so that we can provide comprehensive and consistent support to refugees. We have developed various initiatives worldwide that help people learn about refugees and their situations, and we encourage them to support our initiatives.



For World Refugee Day 2023, UNIQLO is co-organizing the Youth with Refugees Art Contest with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. This contest, established by UNHCR in 2020, is open to anyone ages 10 to 30. Its aim is to share with the world the talents of children and young people who represent the next generation, serving as a forum to share their thoughts and feelings in support for refugees through works of art.
As UNIQLO is the co-organizer for this third contest in 2023, the five winning designs will be printed on T-shirts and sold through selected UNIQLO locations in Japan and worldwide, with all profits being donated to UNHCR to support its refugee assistance programs. Submissions will be accepted through the end of September. Art workshops for aspiring artists, including young refugees, are also planned to be held in several countries and territories worldwide.

UNHCR x UNIQLO #WithRefugees Keychains Limited Edition
with MADE 51

For World Refugee Day 2023, Made51, together with UNIQLO, produced limited edition UNHCR x UNIQLO #WithRefugees keychains and bracelets that connect people’s hearts and sprits. These products are available for purchase in stores and online in Japan. Different items are also available in store and/or online in Italy, the United Kingdam and the United States.

The Power of Clothing Project (Japan)

The Power of Clothing Project

The Power of Clothing Project is an outreach and online learning program run by UNIQLO employees that teaches students about the diverse value of clothing and global refugee situations. After attending the lecture, children run their own original projects to collect secondhand children’s clothes that the students or children in the local community no longer wear. Those clothes are then sorted and delivered to refugees living in refugee camps or those in need through UNHCR.

Support for UNHCR’s Campaigns to Recruit Donors in Stores (Japan)

Support for UNHCR’s Campaigns to Recruit Donors in Stores (Japan)

We have provided spaces to conduct UNHCR’s face to face campaigns, which recruit monthly UNHCR supporters at UNIQLO stores. This provides opportunities for the customers to learn about the latest refugee situation and UNHCR’s activities. With this, UNIQLO is able to help tell the current situation of people forced to flee globally and the most up-to-date support activities they receive.

Refugee Support at Group Brands

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