Report 2022

LifeWear Is for Everybody

LifeWear is designed to make everyone’s life better.
It is the ultimate everyday wear that all people can wear comfortably in their own style.
Fast Retailing calls this product development concept “MADE FOR ALL” and aims
to achieve it by respecting the diversity of our world.

Text:SATO JUNKO Photo:KEI KONDOⓒ UNHCR/Eugenia Paz、Fondazione Progetto ARCA Onlus / Daniele Lazzaretto

LifeWear Is for Everybody


AIRism Absorbent Sanitary Shorts

A three-layer structure that absorbs 30 to 40ml of water. It has an Odor Control function designed to be used with sanitary napkins. Shorts for girls (absorbs 25 to 30ml) are also available.

Cotton Front Open Scoop Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt

Full of ingenious designs: hook and loop fastener on the opening in the front part makes it easier to put on and take off; the comparably longer length does not allow the back of the shirt to stick out of trousers even when bending down. Products made with AIRism material are comfortable to wear even when perspiring.

Stretch Mesh Socks

Developed from the insights of customers dealing with swollen legs due to illness and those involved in nursing care. A softened tightening around the ankle for relaxed comfort.

AIRism 3D Mask

Even after 20 washes, the non-woven fabric filter maintains a certain level of effectiveness. The clever design and non-woven fabric filter makes it easier to breathe while wearing the mask. It is jointed stitchless to have softer touch on the skin. Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka.

Customer insights as
the foundation of product development

Whenever we create new products, our aim is to enrich all lives. And designing for diversity requires awareness and understanding. That’s why we place great value on the needs and insights of our customers everywhere, actively seeking out their views and opinions.
In another example, in direct response to customer requests arising from the COVID-19 crisis, we created our AIRism mask in 2020. Since its launch, we have continued to make regular improvements to our AIRism mask based on feedback from customers.
In another example, we received a letter from a customer with a disability who faces significant difficulty getting dressed. Learning about this difficulty was the genesis of UNIQLO’s Front Open Innerwear. As part of the product development process, we visited medical facilities and nursing homes to listen to people who faced such difficulties, including caregivers. We obtained their thoughts on product samples and asked how we might improve designs. Since launching the range, we have created nine items, such as T-shirts, bras, and bodysuits for kids up to 160cm tall. The project has helped a range of people, not only those who are hospitalized or with physical disabilities, but also those living with problems like frozen shoulder or people who have undergone breast cancer surgery.
In March 2021, the GU BODY LAB–a special project that supports women’s health– launched GU’s first water-absorbing Triple Guard Shorts. Then, that September, UNIQLO launched its AIRism Absorbent Sanitary Shorts and is accelerating efforts to meet feminine care needs based on our fundamental philosophy of supporting our customers with all of life’s needs, in all stages of their lives.

A store where everyone can enjoy shopping

In bringing LifeWear to all, we aim to understand the specific needs of all customers and to create stores where everybody can enjoy shopping. Therefore, customer feedback is also integral to store and service design. At a UNIQLO store in Moscow, we conducted a pre-opening shopping event for customers with disabilities after rehearsing the event using wheelchairs. Meanwhile, GU co-sponsored an audition for models in wheelchairs and those who use prosthetics and other support aids. While participants choose clothes to wear at the final audition at a real shop, we asked participants about their experience at the store, and gained important viewpoints, such as “It is difficult to pick up products from a wheelchair if stored below knee level” and “the fitting room needs a chair.”

Co-sponsored a shopping event with NGO Perspektiva (Russia)

Co-sponsored a shopping event with NGO Perspektiva (Russia)