Published on October, 2009 (from the power of clothes No. 1)


Meet Fashion Lover Chieko Miura

Yoko Jinno

Koeikai Center for Employment and Welfare Support of People
with Disabilities Employment Support Representative

Chieko Miura

UNIQLO Ubeshimizugawa Store Yamaguchi Prefecture Mental disability

Meet Fashion Lover Chieko Miura

Chieko Miura had heard about UNIQLO, but thought that the requisite contact with customers would not suit her so she did not plan on applying.
Miura had just left her job and was looking for a new one, so she called Yoko Jinno at the Koeikai Center for Employment and Welfare Support of People with Dis-abilities. But Jinno, who was well acquainted with Miura, noticed something different about her voice this time. She was usually passionate about working, but now she didn’t sound at all like her usual self. Then Jinno had an idea. At that moment, she knew without a doubt in her mind that UNIQLO would be the perfect place for Miura.
There are a range of employment support organizations throughout Japan, including Hello Work and the Center for the Employment of People with Disabilities, but the Koeikai Center for Employment and Welfare Support of People with Disabilities is different. It provides everyday support for individuals in need of assistance, in addition to helping people look for work. Over time, Jinno had become Miura’s most trusted consultant at Koeikai.
Miura was very positive about looking for a new job. But her passion waned when Jinno suggested UNIQLO, because it did not seem like a realistic option for her. At her last job in a food processing facility, she did not have to interact with people outside of the company, and the work itself was largely repetitive. The working environment at UNIQLO, however, would be completely differ-ent, with customers from all walks of life visiting on a daily basis. Given this, it was not surprising that Miura would be hesitant about working in such an environment. But Jinno had other ideas.

“I knew that she loved fashion,” Jinno said. “That was the first reason I thought she might be happy there. After all, if you like what you do, you can stay positive about your work. Miura had worked at the same place for a long time, so she had developed a framework for estab-lishing new routines. Moreover, her work ethic was ex-traordinary, and so I was certain UNIQLO was the right place for her.”
As they worked together to find a suitable job, Jinno began to gain a better understanding of Miura’s strengths beyond her abilities, including her likeable per-sonality and enthusiasm about her work.
“She always looks fashionable, even when she talked to me about how difficult it was to find a job,” Jinno said.
Miura started working for UNIQLO after a supportive push from Jinno, and she remains enthusiastic about what she does. When Jinno dropped by the store to see how she was doing, Miura burst forth with her latest plans. “I’d like to try altering pants next,” she gushed.
Jinno said she was pleased to see Miura setting and pursuing goals. “It’s wonderful. This new environment has given her the ambition to take real steps, despite her disabilities. I am so glad that everything has worked out for her.” Miura may not have been able to pursue a job at UNIQLO on her own, but Jinno’s support has helped her to broaden her horizons.

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