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  • Photography by Hiroyuki Seo Hair & Makeup by Anna Kato
  • Coordination by Megumi Yamano Text by UNIQLO
  • Special thanks to Daiki Fukuoka

On the West Coast of the US, the mood of the 1970s persists with the younger generation.
UT graphic tees are a great match for surfing and skating in the salty air.

© 2022 The Museum of Modern Art

Bethaney Valverde & Adlai Wakeman

Model & Yoga Teacher

Hailing from Oahu, Bethaney says that her beloved car, yellow like her UT shirt, “is great for carrying boards. My baby is perfect for surfing.” She and her roommate Adlai, with the cute blonde hair, spend lots of time surfing the waves in San Diego. In fact, surfing is how they first met. Adlai had been seeing Bethaney around their local beach, but when she came over to check out the open room, they hit it off. “We go thrifting together, take long walks in the morning. Our friendship has a classic vibe,” says Adlai. The graphics on their shirts, from Russian avant-garde artist Lyubov Popova, look like they were made just for them.

  • (L)
  • MoMA Sweat Long Sleeve Shirt
  • W’s Linen Cotton Shorts
  • (R)
  • MoMA Short Sleeve UT
  • W’s Straight High-Rise Jeans

Kandai Otsuka


“I surf every day like you drink a cup of coffee every morning. For me, surfing is a daily routine. I’m so grateful to live such a dreamy life here in San Diego,” says Kandai, who was born in Tokyo. Surfing since age six, thanks to his father, he counts among his experiences a victory at “The One,” a surf event held in Japan. The yellow van he uses to transport his board is a 1975 Ford. “Someday I want to take this guy to Mexico and go surfing in Baja California.” For a second, Kandai’s idea for a surf trip blends together with the image of the yellow vehicle driving through a field on his UT shirt, photographed by Alec Soth of Magnum Photos.

  • Magnum Photos Short Sleeve UT
  • Geared Shorts

© Keith Haring Foundation. Licensed by Artestar, New York.

Brian Thompson & Lyndsay Smith

Barista & Herbalist Consultant

Couple Brian and Lyndsay, pulling their vintage bicycle and surfboard out of the garage, look like they could have popped out of the era of Keith Haring. “I draw a lot of influence from the moto scene of the 1970s and 1980s and surf culture,” says Brian. “When I step on a vintage board, I can feel the past surrounding me.” Lyndsay feels the same. “I love the fashion from that era. It’s the epitome of fun. Everytime I go roller skating I can’t help but remember that.” Connected by their influences, these two symbolize the present mood of the West Coast in their own way.

  • (L)
  • Keith 1st Exhibition Short Sleeve UT
  • Regular Fit Jeans
  • (R)
  • Keith Haring Sweat Long Sleeve Shirt
  • W’s Flared High-Rise Jeans

®︎/©︎/™️ The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

  • Andy Warhol Short Sleeve UT
  • Wide Fit Jeans
  • Keith Haring Short Sleeve UT
  • Waffle Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Wide Fit Jeans

© Keith Haring Foundation. Licensed by Artestar, New York.

  • Keith Haring Short Sleeve UT
  • Waffle Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Wide Fit Jeans

© Keith Haring Foundation. Licensed by Artestar, New York.

Owen Wesley Adams


We bumped into Owen at the skatepark in Venice Beach, where the summer sun beams down from a blue sky. “I started watching skate videos in my first year of high school. The filming style captivated my attention. I was so hooked that after graduating, I moved to LA. On top of being a great town for skating, it’s also wonderful for filming videos.” These days, Owen is so busy making documentaries that he only gets to skate on weekends. Dreaming big, he hopes to one day have his own production company. His oversized Andy Warhol and Keith Haring UT shirts catch the breeze nicely.

© 2022 Mondrian / Holtzman Trust
© 2022 The Museum of Modern Art

Elijah Alicia

Restaurant Staff

Elijah loads his gleaming board into a car like something from a movie. We knew there had to be a story. “It’s a Chevrolet El Camino,” he said with a big smile. “I bought it when I moved out here, to Oceanside.” In his second year of surfing, Elijah is a big fan of the late Hawaiian surfer Montgomery Kaluhiokalani, whom he admires for his turns and low stance. “This shirt is comfortable and feels great on my skin when I’m fresh out of the water. The graphic from Piet Mondrian is super cool too.”

  • MoMA Short Sleeve UT
  • Chino Shorts

© 2022 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

Alyssa Lysset Angulo

Social Media Coordinator

Alyssa has just graduated from UC Santa Barbara and moved back to her hometown of San Diego. “Lots of items in my wardrobe have a retro feel, like something from the 1970s.” Which makes sense, given her choice of a Peanuts shirt from UT and denim cutoffs. An avid skater, she’s been at it since age twelve. “My favorite female skaters are Peggy Oki, from the 1970s, and Sky Brown, who’s only thirteen. My passion is getting people excited about skateboarding, regardless of their gender,” says Alyssa with a warm smile.

  • W’s Peanuts Sunday Specials Short Sleeve UT
  • W’s High-Rise Denim Shorts
  • UV Protection Twill Cap
  • Pile Half Socks
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