We asked New Yorkers to match fleeces from our latest collection with their personal wardrobe.
How did they make these fleeces their own? The answers offer hints about good style.

(Left)Emma Chadwick Choreographer (Right)Lucy Chadwick Gallery Director

Emma works as a choreographer, often on fashion shoots, and her sister Lucy is the director of a gallery. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the daughters of a fashion buyer and an architect would put together such stylishly coordinated outfits. “We both have very similar tastes,” explained Emma, “except I’m a little boyish, and my sister dresses chic. To me, this fleece is the ideal thing to wear on set. As soon as I saw the plaid, I decided to go all-in!” “This fleece is a perfect variation on a classic,” Lucy said. “Also, it’s insanely soft! I feel like it would work with almost anything, but wearing it with a foil skirt felt like an entertaining mix of textures.”


Mordechai Rubinstein Fashion Consultant

Known affectionally as “Mister Mort,” Mordechai spends most days on the streets of New York, gathering snapshots of the styles worn by real New Yorkers. Captured with the viewpoint of an anthropologist, these outfits call the principles of fashion into question. “I love the richness of the brown. It’s a perfect teddy bear brown! The texture is so soft, almost like cashmere. The sleeves are kinda long. They made it oversized. I love that too.”


Sasha Alcocer Student

Born and raised in the East Village, Sasha, who is sixteen, recently established Crush, an art collective of young New Yorkers. Sasha is passionate about building a community of budding creatives. “I’d been telling myself I wanted a fuzzy fleece like this for winter. Most of what I saw was way too big. It felt like I would never find the right thing, but this one fits me perfectly. Also, it’s super light. Since my hair is dark, this color creates a pretty contrast.”


Jeremy Liebman
Sam Stewart
Omar Sosa
Art Director

Jeremy does photography for Omar’s magazine, Apartmento, and Sam designed interiors for Omar’s home. Once connected, the three of them developed a stimulating relationship. Last year, these three creatives began sharing a studio in Chelsea, forming a creative hub. “I like the different materials and patterns, all put together,” said Jeremy. “I’ve never really worn fleece, but maybe I’ll start!” “I have a group show about chairs coming up this fall, so it looks like I’ll be in the studio a lot,” explained Sam. “This fleece is nice. Very relaxed fit. I don’t like to feel constricted, especially working at the studio. The silhouette is simple, but everything about it’s big, big pockets, and big cuffs. That resonates with me. In my work, I like to play with chunkier proportions.” “We have a new issue of the magazine coming out this fall, and I’ll be curating a design show,” Omar said. “This fleece is super comfortable. It’s almost like a jacket. Perfect for working in the studio.”


Photography by Nick Sethi, Editing by Momoko Ikeda

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