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Gert’s Standard “They Don’t Crinkle,Fade, Stain or Age. They’re Perfect.” Nylon Cropped Cargo Pants &
Color Short Sleeve T-Shirt

As the youngest of six I grew up dressed in my older brothers’ hand-me-downs. I loved it, and it must explain my fascination for flea markets, car boot sales and thrift stores. I’ve been shopping second hand forever. But in recent years I’ve been less lucky in scoring good used clothes. The magic is gone. Maybe it’s because I more and more enjoy my clothes to look ‘new’. I’ve started wearing trousers in my actual right size and I tuck in my T-shirts and even jumpers. I keep my clothes free from stains and when they wear or tear I repair them or chuck them out. I like the sharpness of a pristine look. A while ago a friend of mine, who knows of my quest to find cargo pants that don’t look like they’ve just made a three-month-long trip through the desert, pointed me towards a pair of UNIQLO’s cropped cargos he’d spotted online. I ordered them promptly. They’re light, both in colour and weight, made of 100% polyester. They look and feel as if I’m wearing nothing, which is a fun sensation. They don’t crinkle, fade, stain or age. They’re perfect. I usually wear them with a crew neck T-shirt from UNIQLO’s "COLOR T-Shirts" that I have in half a dozen colours and that all look like they’re brand new. Who wants T-shirts that look like you’ve slept in them? But I’ve not completely parted with my old hobby. On recent trips to my local Oxfam thrift store I snapped up two UNIQLO supima cotton short sleeve henleys and a pair of khaki shorts by JW Anderson for UNIQLO. They’re technically pre-worn but they look perfectly new, of course.

Gert Jonkers / Editor-in-Chief

Fantastic Man. Born in 1966 in Holland, Gert launched Fantastic Man magazine in 2005 with Creative Director and Editor Jop Van Bennekom. The two later founded The Gentlewoman in 2010 and The Happy Reader in 2014.

Rinko’s Standard “As Long As I Have This in My Suitcase, I’m All Set.” +J Down Jacket

For just one year, I lived in New York City. I remember one of my Japanese friends showing me this UNIQLO +J Down Jacket that they bought when they went home to Japan. “It’s the best travel jacket ever,” they insisted. “You gotta get one!” So I did, and ten years later, I still wear it all the time.

I’d always wanted something from <Jil Sander>, but was never able to go through with it. I was so glad when I heard about the +J series that she did with UNIQLO. So many of the items caught my eye. I must have looked at everything in the +J display a couple of times before I bought myself the down. It’s really simple, but when you have it on the hood falls perfectly. Also, the black sheen makes it beautiful.

If you stuff it in the special bag it comes with, you could practically fit it in your hands. I go on lots of trips for work, and this is always with me. It’s the ideal lightweight underlayer in winter, but it also comes in handy in summertime. Like in Europe, where the summer days are often balmy, but the mornings and the nights are sometimes raw. One summer, I landed in San Francisco and was stunned at how cold it was outside. I had no idea that San Francisco could be so cold in summertime. On the way to my meeting, I had to buy a long-sleeved shirt. Ever since then, I bring this jacket with me, no matter the season. It takes up practically no space and weighs next to nothing. As long as I have this in my suitcase, I’m all set. It’s been with me everywhere I’ve gone the past 10 years, but it’s still going strong.

Rinko Kawauchi / Photographer.

Born in 1972 in Shiga, Japan. In 2002, her photo books Nodding Off (Utatane) and Fireworks (Hanabi) won the 27th Kimura Ihei Award. She has presented her work in solo and group exhibitions in Japan and throughout the world. Her recent publications include the photo book Halo and the photographic children’s book The First Day (Hajimari no Hi).

Illustration by Yoshifumi Takeda

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