New Mexico

New Mexico attracts artists seeking inspiration. Two creatives who were born here style clothing made from natural materials in a color palette rooted in the landscape.

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The Love of Chamizal, 2023

Ghost Spell, 2023

Joanna’s art is informed by traditional adobe structures. Pictured are The Love of Chamizal (top), exhibited at San Francisco’s SOMArts Cultural Center, and Ghost Spell (bottom), shown at Stanford’s Coulter Art Gallery and Lisson Gallery NY.

New Mexico, a landscape woven from diverse traditions

“This area’s traditional architecture all starts with the rich clay. Isn’t it so beautiful?”

says artist Joanna Keane Lopez, born in New Mexico, as she scoops up a handful of earth with a smile. Born in New Mexico, she’s pictured here with her friend Issac among some of the buildings she has worked on.

“Issac specializes in historic preservation for adobe architecture, so he brings lots of technical expertise.”

For this story, we chose the perennially inspiring landscape of New Mexico, a place where both Issac and Joanna have roots.

“The sky and clouds in New Mexico are so big and godly, stretching over valleys and mountains. Indigenous traditions of the Diné, Pueblos, and Apaches mix with Spanish, Indo-Hispano and Mexican influences. This land is a complex layering of place history and cultures.”

Relaxed linen and cotton are a great match for the crisp air.

“I gravitate toward comfortable fits and lighter materials. The black dress and the beige jumpsuit that I wore here were my favorites.”

Joanna Keane Lopez


Born in Albuquerque, Joanna is an artist working in modern sculpture and installation who also teaches workshops on traditional architecture throughout New Mexico, as a way of passing on the knowledge of adobe carried through the generations by her family. Dividing her time between New Mexico and San Francisco, she is currently getting a masters in Art Practice at Stanford University.

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