Curated by Tate

Introducing the first collaboration with Tate Modern

Curated by Tate

UNIQLO and Tate have been in partnership since 2016, initially through UNIQLO Tate Lates and since 2021 through Tate Modern’s free programme of participatory art for all: UNIQLO Tate Play. Together, UNIQLO and Tate champion creativity, imagination, and access to art for all. In 2024, we proudly announce that our first collaborative collection, Curated by Tate has just launched in UNIQLO stores all over the world. Tate’s Director of Learning and Tate Modern’s Director of Programme speak on the collaboration with UT’.

Curated by Tate

Tate Modern provides open spaces, welcoming and free to all.

“Tate Modern belongs to everyone. We want to provide global and unhindered access to art and our collection, breaking down barriers to museum participation. Tate Modern provides open spaces, welcoming and free to all. We want to create a common ground where people come together to explore, debate, and celebrate art, as well as to learn and grow together. UNIQLO Tate Play puts art into social space. It is unique in the way that it connects everyone to creative play, activities, memories and making. The programme is truly for everyone, regardless of age, background or experience with art. There is no limit on who can participate. The way the programme engages diverse artists and indeed audiences provides an opportunity to represent London's population, with the intention of encouraging a sense of belonging for all within Tate Modern and helping to break down barriers for those who see galleries as exclusive spaces.”

Curated by Tate

MARK MILLER / Director of Learning
Mark began at Tate in 2006 as Curator of Young Peoples Programmes. Over the intervening years, Mark has been instrumental in creating and implementing high profile and transformational programmes, partnerships and events for young people, both nationally and internationally. He was appointed Director of Learning in 2022.

The new collection is based on UNIQLO and Tate's shared beliefs and vision of making art accessible to all.

“Tate Modern opened in 2000 and was conceived as a new art museum for the 21st century - open, accessible, democratic and welcoming to the broadest possible audience. From its outset, it always presented modern art from a contemporary perspective - viewed from the here and now - not as a static history. There are currently over 78,000 works in the Tate collection, embracing all mediums and covering all regions of the globe. The breadth of the Tate collection and the diversity of our programme enables every visitor to our galleries to find a work of art that speaks to them.
For this Curated by Tate range, we have chosen artworks that reflect the spirit of Play by artists in Tate's collection. This is based on a belief that both Art and Play are for everyone, an ethos which is also championed by UNIQLO and Tate's partnership through UNIQLO Tate Play. ”

Curated by Tate

CATHERINE WOOD/Director of Programme, Tate Modern
Catherine joined Tate Modern in 2002, having previously held curatorial roles at the Barbican Art Gallery and The British Museum. Over the last 20 years, she has been instrumental in making performance and live art a core part of Tate Modern's programme, becoming Senior Curator, International Art (Performance) in 2015. She was appointed Director of Programme, Tate Modern in 2022.


Tate Modern is the world's most popular museum of modern and contemporary art. It is free to visit and open to all. The museum's collection displays span 100 years of art from around the world, presented alongside a diverse and international program of exhibitions, commissions, and events. Tate Modern is part of a family of four Tate galleries in the UK.

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