Chiikawa x  Sanrio Characters

Take a trip through space with Chiikawa and the Sanrio Characters.

Chiikawa x Sanrio Characters

A collaboration between Chiikawa and Sanrio Characters, which is highly supported by people of all ages, is now available at UT. Under the theme of "space travel," popular characters will show off their cute appearance as fluffy fleece set graphics.

Rabbit and Hello Kitty are having fun on the slide of the crescent moon!

Chiikawa x  Sanrio Characters

This collection is different from the collaboration between Chiikawa and Sanrio Characters, and features an unexpected combination of the two. The one-piece outfit features a bunny in a spacesuit and Hello Kitty playing on a crescent moon that looks like a slide, and the gentle cream-yellow body color that blends in with the moon is also soothing.

Party with matching pochette!

Chiikawa x  Sanrio Characters

This is a design in which Kuromi, Chiikawa and My Melody are having a night out in space. Chiikawa's favorite pouch is worn by Kuromi and My Melody, who are also wearing the same pochette. Combined with the cute star characters, which are gaining in popularity. The color palette is finished with pastel shades of pink and purple.

Hachiware and Cinnamoroll take a sightseeing trip in space!

Chiikawa x  Sanrio Characters

The combination of Hachiware and CinnamoRoll is represented in navy colors, reminiscent of the night sky. Like Hachiware, who enjoys cameras, CinnamoRoll is depicted with a camera in hand as the two take commemorative photos while sightseeing in outer space. It is fun to imagine what kind of conversation Hachiware and CinnamoRoll are having while sightseeing in space.

The women's line will each be offered in subdued tones. The same design is also available in different colors for kids. The Chiikawa x Sanrio Characters series, which can be enjoyed by parents and children alike, offers warm and cute loungewear for the coming season.

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