Yuni Yoshida

What does culture mean to Yuni Yoshida?

Yuni Yoshida

UT2020 magazine asks the common question to the artists who we collaborate with. What did art director Yuni Yoshida answer to our question?

”Culture is input and output.”

Yuni Yoshida’s visuals are refined but accessible, cute but infused with a hint of poison. Her versatile art direction covers a bit of everything—campaign advertising, artwork for musicians, book covers—yet her trademark inventiveness is apparent throughout. “When I went to the dentist as a child,” she says, “I looked around at everything. Later I would play dentist, shaping a pink kneaded eraser into gums and using small white stones as the teeth.” Everyday moments have inspired Yoshida since she was little. This is why she sees culture as input and output. “My works will serve as input for someone else,” she says. “I think that’s how culture develops.”

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Yuni Yoshida|Born in 1980 in Tokyo, Yoshida began her career at Ohnuki Design. Following a stint at Uchu Country, she established her own office in 2007. She has produced artwork for Laforet Harajuku and LUMINE department stores, as well as for numerous pop stars.