Michael Dayton Hermann

What Does Culture Mean To Michael Dayton Hermann?

Michael Dayton Hermann

UT2020 magazine asks the common question to the artists who we collaborate with. What did Artist and Director of Licensing at the Andy Warhol Foundation, Michael Dayton Hermann answer to our question?

"Culture is who we are."

As one of the 20th century’s greatest artists, Andy Warhol needs no introduction. To advance the visual arts and ensure his legacy is carried on for generations to come, the Andy Warhol Foundation was established by Andy Warhol in the 1980s. “Regardless of the decades, Warhol continually created works of art that not only spoke eloquently about the issues of the moment, but also have an enduring universality that transcends time." says Michael Dayton Hermann, the director of licensing at the foundation. Hermann interacts with artists on a daily basis, so it should come as no surprise that for him, culture is who we are. “It’s the traditions, customs and creations that define any group of people. It’s the chains that bind us to our past and the key that unlocks the future," he says. “It’s what makes the world interesting and life worth living."

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Michael Dayton Hermann|Hermann is a New York-based artist who has also served as director of licensing for the Andy Warhol Foundation since 2005. He has successfully realized numerous high profile projects including conceiving and editing the recently released art book Warhol on Basquiat.