with UNIQLO 2020 Fall & Winter collection

Photography by Taro Hirayama (models),
Yoshio Kato (stills)
Styling,Editing & Text by Kyosuke Nitta
Hair & Makeup by Katsuyoshi Kojima

Chilly days are almost here. Let’s make this autumn even cozier than usual.
Materials that keep you in touch with the season.
For staying active, opt for stretchy clothes that fit the contours of the body.
Here are twelve tips for feeling great this fall and winter.


The fall begins with corduroy. Starting off with men’s, we have a stylish light beige outfit. Well-balanced notched lapels and a relaxed width and armline, for just enough room. The pants have a fairly high rise, while the drawstring on the inside of the waistband allows you to go beltless. Take advantage of the flooded leg and wear a sock that pops with our new suede chukka boots. For women, we’re offering a lineup of trucker jackets and skirts. The skirts have a deep pleat in the front, for a big A-line profile when you walk. What makes corduroy so appealing is how it relaxes and softens over time, significantly enhancing its texture and character. Make it your personal uniform, and the result will be unique to you.

W's Corduroy Relaxed Jacket
W's Premium Lambswool Off Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater
W's flannel Long Sleeve shirt dress
W's Corduroy Box Pleated Skirt
Colorful50 Socks

Corduroy Jacket
Flannel Checked Long Sleeve Shirt
Silk Knitted Tie
Leather Wide Mesh Belt
Smart Ankle Pants (Corduroy)
Colorful50 Socks
Suede Chukka Boots


Tweed jackets and Chesterfield coats are finally here. New this season, the jacket has the nap and thickness of authentic tweed, with a light feel and stress-free stretchability. The Chesterfield coat uses a wool and cashmere blend. The gently tailored waist and draping silhouette cast an elegant figure. What better complement to trad style than our thick canvas Tool Tote Bag? With a strap long enough to sling over the shoulder, this bag has six deep pockets all around the outside. A zip-top for neat closure.

W's Cashmere Blend Chester Coat
W's Premium Lambswool Off Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater
Extra Fine Cotton Broadcloth Checked Long Sleeve Shirt
W's Slouch Tapered Ankle Jeans (Damaged)
Eco-friendlyBag L
Cashmere Scarf (Checked)(Inside bag)
W's Regular Socks 3Pairs
W's Comfeel Touch Loafers

Tweed Jacket
Oxford Striped Long Sleeve Shirt
Silk Tie
Leather Mesh Belt
Vintage Regular Fit Chino Pants
Tool tote Bag


Walking your dog or jogging, playing tennis or basketball—what sort of clothing helps you get out there and move around? The resounding answer is Ultra Stretch Dry. Whether you’ve just exercised or pulled them from the wash, these clothes dry quick, won’t wrinkle, and stay soft against the skin. With unbelievable 360-degree mobility, Ultra Stretch Dry really shines when playing sports. Not merely functional, these clothes have a modern profile, as seen in the drop shoulders and roomy arms of the hooded sweatshirt. The slim, tapered silhouette of the joggers exemplifies urban chic. Tops have a cropped fit, while joggers are cropped at the ankles. Wear in layers or with your favorite socks, for a variety of styles.

W's Ultra Stretch Dry Sweat Long Sleeve Hoodie
Waffle Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt (Men's L)
W's Ultra Stretch Active Jogger Pants
Colorful50 Socks


Too good to only use when hiking, a simple satchel is the perfect complement to a dark dress or coat. New this season from Uniqlo U, these chic bags have a padded foldover design, three-tiered structure, and zipper pockets. Meanwhile, the lightweight fanny bags are made from thin and durable ripstop nylon. Water-repellant, they’re an easy choice on rainy days.

Padded Mobile Bag (Uniqlo U)

W's Relaxed Trench Coat
W's Jacquard 3/4 Sleeve Flare Dress
Lightweight Fanny Bag
W's Regular Socks 3Pairs(Crew glitter)
W's Comfeel Touch Lace Up Shoes

Lightweight Fanny Bag


Our seamless down has seen dramatic updates. 3D patterning around the arms provides increased mobility without additional bulk, creating a sharp silhouette. The construction has been finely tuned to stop wind from intruding, while a hood that zips up to the chin, jersey-lined cuffs, and water-blocking zips keep the cold air at bay. Sidepockets are lined with cozy microfleece, and the double-layer inner pocket has lots of room. Flawless down to the most inconspicuous elements.

Seamless Down Parka (3D cut)
Extra Fine Cotton Broadcloth Striped
Long Sleeve Shirt
Extra Fine Merino Turtleneck
Long Sleeve Sweater
Selvedge Regular Fit Straight Jeans


A vivid and clear sky blue. The pale pink of sunset, or the purple that meets your eye after a spell of rain. The yellow of sunlight filtering through ginkgo trees. The satisfying colors of this season’s knits evoke the beauty of the autumn sky and landscape. The extra fine merino and cashmere knits, our standard, look sharp with just a pair of jeans, or make a striking point of contrast worn inside a classic jacket.

W's Extra Fine Merino Crew Neck Long Sleeve Sweater

W's Cashmere Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater

W's Extra Fine Merino Ribbed Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater

W's High Rise Skinny Ankle Jeans

2WAY Stole (Checked)
W's Extra Fine Merino Turtleneck
Long Sleeve Sweater
W's Ultra Stretch Printed Leggings Pants
Colorful 50 Socks
W's Comfeel Touch Loafers


A sweater on its own is chilly. But coats can be so hot. For autumn days like this, a big stole is just right. Soft and fluffy, with a gentle touch. Thanks to a split design, it can be wrapped around the neck, worn like a shawl over the shoulders, or draped over your knees when working at a desk. From tattersall and check to colorblock, there are loads of calming color schemes to choose from.

2WAY Stole (W130×L140cm)


When the cold wind blows and chills you to the bone, a BLOCKTECH parka gives you shelter from the storm. This women’s fleece parka is so fluffy, you’d never guess that it contains an ultrathin midlayer. Guarding you against the wind, without sacrificing coziness.

UV Protection Twill Cap
Denim Long Sleeve Shirt
Stand Collar Long Sleeve T-shirt (Rugby striped)
SUPIMA COTTON Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt
(Set of 2)
Wind Proof Stretch Slim Fit Chino Pants

UV Protection Twill Cap
W's Windproof Fluffy Yarn Fleece Full-zip
Long Sleeve Hoodie
W's Premium Lambswool Crew Neck
Long Sleeve Sweater
W's Flannel Checked Long Sleeve Shirt
W's High Rise Slim Straight Corduroy Jeans


HEATTECH is not just about base layers. Small items that pinpoint easily chilled areas are becoming the new standard. These knit caps, gloves and neck warmers may not look like much, but once you put them on you’ll feel enveloped by a comforting warmth.

HEATTECH Knitted Cap
HEATTECH Lining Quilted Gloves
HEATTECH Knitted Fleece Neck Warmer


The appearance of a proper leather shoe, with the lightness of a sneaker. In fall, this is exactly the shoe you want. The women’s loafers and oxfords have a slightly rounded toebox, but just enough to still look dressy. Meanwhile, the side gore boots are light in spite of their substantial form. The suede chukka boots, a men’s exclusive, are balanced without feeling clunky.

W's Side Gore Short Boots
W's Comfeel Touch Lace Up Shoes
W's Comfeel Touch Loafers

Suede Chukka Boots


A symbol of the heavy duty, the hunting jacket gets a modern update for improved utility. Surprisingly light, the durable water-repellent fabric lets you leave your umbrella behind in light rain. The tartan checkered lining offers a nice accent, while handwarmer pockets on the sides of the flap pockets add functionality. Part of the men’s collection, but a cute choice for women too.

Hunting Jacket (Men's L)
Extra Fine Merino Turtleneck
Long Sleeve Sweater (Men's L)
Flannel Checked Long Sleeve Shirt (Men's L)
W's High Rise Skinny Ankle Jeans
W's Side Gore Short Boots
W's Curly Fleece Gloves

Hunting Jacket
Marvel Sweat Pullover Long Sleeve Hoodie
Fine Cloth Easy Care Striped Stretch Slim Fit
Long Sleeve Shirt
Short Sleeve T-shirt (Set of 2)
Sweat Pants
HEATTECH Cable Line Socks
Suede Chukka Boots


Morning in winter. Getting up and having coffee on the sofa in the living room. To keep your legs and neck from feeling chilly, HEATTECH turtleneck and cable knit leg warmers are indispensable. Not just for wearing out, Ultra Light Down is light and thin enough to comfortably wear around the house. Toss it on over a pair of plaid flannel pajamas, for the beginning of a cozy day.

W's Ultra Light Down Vest
W's HEATTECH Fleece Turtleneck Long Sleeve T-shirt
W's Flannel Long Sleeve Pajamas
W's HEATTECH Knitted Leg Warmers (Cable)


If blocking out the cold was all that mattered, anything would do, but without the right balance of looks and functionality, clothing is hard to love. The brown cable knit is a great complement to a trad wardrobe. The gray and black rib knits incorporate lamé. All are HEATTECH.

W's HEATTECH Knitted Leg Warmers


What matters in a slipper isn’t just the cozy feeling when you slip it on, but how it feels to stand in. Between the curly high-pile boot type, the fleece ballet slippers with pom-poms, and the tartan checkered standard, a new favorite awaits.

Flannel Room Shoes
W's Faux Shearling Room Ballet Shoes
W's Fleece Room Shoes


The nap of these micro fleece pants feel so incredibly smooth against your skin it’s hard to take your hands off them. The wide-leg roomy silhouette has a relaxed feel, matched in mood by olive green and light gray.

Micro Fleece Jogger Easy Pants

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