Different Types of Loungewear

Sep 01, 2021 LifeWear
Loungewear is casual attire that makes you feel highly comfortable while keeping an appropriate look. Read the article to know about the types of loungewear and how to style each one of them.
Loungewear fashion has been at the forefront. And it looks like the trend is not going to stop anytime soon. You must have seen people wearing comfortable clothes that we wear at home outdoors too.
From your neighbor to your favorite celebrity almost everyone has approved of this trend. And why not as this gives you the freedom to wear your comfy couch or bedroom clothes while stepping out? You can glam up your outfit for a night out with friends or dress down for a meeting in a coffee shop.
The loungewear trend is good news for people who seek comfort in fashion. And with this ongoing trend, it’s possible to look stylish and be comfortable at the same time.

So, how do You Choose the Types of Loungewear to Wear Outdoors?

Now that you have got the idea that loungewear fashion is to stay for long let’s discuss how to ace that style. Before we go ahead and discuss the types of loungewear to wear outdoors let’s be clear about what is loungewear.
Loungewear is casual attire that makes you feel highly comfortable while keeping an appropriate look. So loungewear is not out-of-bed pajamas that are way too cozy and casual. It is also not jeans which is less casual and comfortable than the loungewear.
So, what type of loungewear you can choose to wear outdoors? Think of sweatpants, simple yet premium t-shirts, sneakers, and sweaters.

Types of Loungewear

Let’s see in detail the loungewear you can wear out for both men and women and how to dress them to make a statement.

Types of Loungewear for Women


There was a time when people only used to wear tracksuits for workouts. But not anymore! Tracksuits allow you that cozy feeling even outside your home that too while sporting a fashion-forward look.
Here’s how you can ace this style with a tracksuit. First, try wearing the pieces of your tracksuit separately. You don't have to wear the top and the pants together all the time.
Try pairing a cashmere sweater with the pants, or a trench coat, or even a leather jacket would go well. Make sure the jogging pants for women look fitted and tapered at the leg. Also, try to stick to a single shade neutral or dark to perfectly nail this look.

Finally, what gives a tracksuit a more premium look is the high-quality fabric. So, when buying tracksuits make sure the fabric used is of high-quality.


Wide-leg relaxed pants were seen as a frumpy and dowdy piece of clothing once. Now they are among the must-have items. Made from a knitted material, relaxed pants come with an adjustable waistband that gives a super comfy feel. Luckily, you can dress them up in many ways.
You can try pairing relaxed pants with a cashmere sweater. Want to dress up a bit more? A lace or silk tank top will heighten the look for you. Either option will give your relaxed pants a more elegant look that is usually meant for lounging on a couch.


Loungewear clothes should feel soft and warm against your skin. No doubt you tend to choose natural fabrics like cotton, cashmere, and silk. Not just the comfort but these fabrics give your loungewear pieces a more elegant and sophisticated look, especially for when you want to wear those outdoors.
So, when choosing a hoodie for women, try getting it in premium fabrics like cashmere. Almost everyone owns a hoodie. And a cashmere hoodie will allow you to feel warm all the while appearing sophisticated. Now for the first time, you won’t feel any worse for wearing a hoodie all the time!


Yes, you can wear your super comfy pajamas like WOMEN RAYON SATIN PAJAMAS (LONG SLEEVE) not just out of bed but out of the house as well. The key is to know how to make it look classier and not like your usual just out-of-the-bed look.
Add a few stylish elements to complete your outfit. Wear heels; try statement jewelry, a trendy purse, or bright red lipstick. You can even pair up your outfit with a short robe as a jacket!


Adult onesies are the epitome of cute and comfy loungewear for women. Not only do they make you feel cozy and snug, but when styled well they also look good to be worn outside.
You can buy onesies made with soft fabrics such as cotton or fleece. This will keep you toasty warm and comfortable in your favorite onesies.

Types of Loungewear for Men

Modern loungewear for men is a little different from the ones we discussed for women. Let’s check out the loungewear options men can wear outdoors.

1. Simple T-shirts made from Premium Fabrics

Every modern loungewear wardrobe has a simple t-shirt for men. That’s the key to ace the loungewear look outside the home – simplicity and high-quality fabric. Prefer neutral shades with few key details and color pops.
Choose the simple short or long-sleeved tee from your wardrobe. You would want to try the UNIQLO loungewear set that is made with extra stretch comfortable fabric. The set comes with a lightweight waffled t-shirt that gives you a relaxed silhouette. So you can wear this t-shirt with your favorite pants.

2. Sweatpants that Flatter

Almost everyone owns sweatpants these days. However, selecting the right sweatpants is the key. Choose from our range of UNIQLO lounge pants like FLANNEL STRETCH EASY PANTS that are made of premium and comfortable fabrics like fleece. The relaxed fit around the waist and slim-cut around legs make them perfect to wear out as well.

3. Simple Sweatshirts with Standout Details

A simple crewneck sweatshirt can keep you toasty warm for the days when you want to leave your hoodie at home. Try a sweatshirt for men with or small details. That gives a sharp look to your attire. Or you can go with bright colors that really stand out.
Again remember here choosing the soft and comfortable fabric that looks premium is the key. You can try UNIQLO’s lounge set for the entire look. That way you won’t have to think too much about choosing the best bottoms for your sweatshirt or worry about going wrong with the look.

4. High Fashion Hoodies

When you need a layer up with lightweight clothing high fashion hoodies come to rescue. With so many options available in the UNIQLO sweatshirt range you can choose from the solid colors or go with the printed ones to add more fun elements to your outdoor outfit.
With the list of types of loungewear and the ideas of how to wear those, you can now wear your favourite loungewear outdoors as well. Don’t own comfortable lounge sets that are made for outdoors as well? You can explore UNIQLO’s website or visit the nearest store to get the latest loungewear sets that are made from premium fabrics and are so soft and comfortable to wear all day long at home and outdoors.