• Different Types of T-Shirts & How to Style Them

Different Types of T-Shirts & How to Style Them

Jan 19, 2021 LifeWear
Different kinds of t-shirts are produced with t-shirt types names. Have a look at all the different types of men’s t-shirts & the key factors that contribute to the various t-shirt types’ names.

T-shirts have taken the fashion world by storm. There are different types of t-shirts available for a wide variety of occasions. T-shirts are favored by people of all ages. There are a lot of different kinds of t-shirts for different age groups. There are millions of sizes, shapes, and colors available in t-shirts. T-shirts have high mobility, and they go with almost any bottom wear options that your wardrobe may have.

Different types of men’s t-shirts should be in your wardrobe as they are slowly replacing formal wear on most occasions. T-shirts are no more merely limited to V-neck and crew neck. With the inception of different kinds of t-shirts, they have revolutionized the marketplace with a multitude of options. T-shirts now come in a wide variety of materials such as cotton, satin, polyester, wool, etc.

Gone are the days when different kinds of t-shirts were just a young man’s game. Anyone can wear t-shirts now as they come in various fittings and styles to cater to everyone’s personalized sense of style. With various necklines available in different types of men’s t-shirts, you can choose the one you will be the most comfortable in and shine in your style. If you usually wear dress shirts and casual shirts, you might find polo t-shirts extremely comfortable.

History of the T-shirts

We see different types of t-shirts today, but they were initially used as an undergarment. Men in the army used white t-shirts under their uniforms to keep them warm and safe from harsh and hostile weather conditions. Slowly the style started picking up and men everywhere started using them. Due to the comfort and mobility they offered, different types of t-shirts were immediately picked up by various sports teams all over the world. They found comfort with added mobility to be a high plus point. It revolutionized sports clothing forever. The fans went crazy about the new type of clothing pieces their idols were wearing and it became an international phenomenon.

Even though the t-shirts were invented as inner wear for men, different types of t-shirts are produced today with t-shirt types names. They were soon picked up by young followers of sports teams and were slowly incorporated for everyday use. People all over the world very quickly realised that they were very comfortable and not to mention affordable. Today, t-shirt types' names are differentiated by their necklines, materials used, sleeve length, etc. let us take a look at all these different types of men’s t-shirts.

Different Types of Men’s T-shirts

T-shirt types’ names are dependent on a lot of factors. They could be referring to the material that has been used in making the particular t-shirt, or the style of the t-shirt based on the neckline or fit or even the length of the sleeve. They all have their specific uses and functions and look brilliant in different settings. Let us look at the key factors that contribute to the various t-shirt types’ names:

  • Necklines
    Different types of t-shirts come in different necklines. The common ones include V-neck and crew neck. Crew neck is also sometimes known as the round neck. There is also one other variation in standard crew neck, which is known as the waffle crew neck. Some other options include polo t-shirts, which have a standard dress shirt like collar. Collared t-shirts come in the standard collars, collapsible collars, or in Chinese collars variety.

  • T-shirt Fit
    Different types of men’s t shirts come in various fits. There is your usual regular fit t-shirts, which go brilliantly with mens jeans and pants alike. The high rise t-shirts have an interesting cut at the lower end of the t-shirt that accentuates the strength of your upper body strength. If you plan to wear an old pair of baggy jeans and want a t-shirt to go with the chill and rasta zone, you can try an oversized t-shirt like this AIRism COTTON CREW NECK OVERSIZED T-SHIRT.

  • Sleeve Length
    Different types of t-shirts have different sleeve lengths. Full sleeved t-shirts like this WASHED STRIPED LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRT go nicely with a pair of skinny jeans. They provide warmth in the cold and ultimate protection for your arms all around, so you won’t get those sleeve tan marks. Short sleeved t-shirts pair brilliantly with shorts, three quarters, and ankle-length pants alike. Sleeveless t-shirts, also known as tank tops, are also the best option for summer paired with shorts.

How to Choose the Right T-shirt

While there are different kinds of t-shirts available, choosing the right one for you is extremely important. Although t-shirts are extremely versatile and easy to wear, it is possible to mess the look up. Keep the following factors in mind while choosing your t-shirt look.

  • Neck
    Choose the t-shirt neck wisely.Crew neck t- shirts are always a safe bet if you plan to pair it with a pair of denims. If you want something for semi-casual or casual office functions, choose a nice polo t-shirt like this DRY-EX PIQUE PRINTED POLO SHIRT which will go really nicely with beige or tan ankle length formal pants. Waffle necks are more comfortable for the winter.

  • Check The Occasion
    Choose the t-shirt according to the occasion you want to wear a t-shirt on. For formal occasions or golf outings with company people, choose this DRY-EX DESIGNED SHORT SLEEVE POLO SHIRT. It provides you with all the comfort of the t-shirt while providing you with a dignified look suitable for the ideal employee or the successful boss due to its comfortable and stylish collar.

  • Align Your Body Type With T-Shirt Style
    Choosing the right style of t-shirt is extremely important. People with slender body frames can really rock the long-sleeved t-shirts with ease. It accentuates their upper body and gives them a lean and athletic appeal. Oversized t-shirts work great with loose denims for people with a plump body frame. It is roomy, and the appearance looks clean and simple. Regular fit t-shirts with crew neck work best for almost everyone but choose the fitting wisely.

  • Always Accessorize
    This does not have to be over-accessorizing or something that might take you a lot of time. Simply accessorizing with belts and hats, and shoes can improve your look by ten folds. You can always use a V-neck long sleeve t-shirt as a sweatshirt over your normal dress shirt to elevate your look. Experiment with different kinds of footwear and headgear options to get the most out of your t-shirt and jeans/ shorts look.