• What is Fleece & Advantages of Fleece? | UNIQLO IN

What is Fleece & Advantages of Fleece? | UNIQLO IN

Jan 18, 2021 LifeWear
A fleece jacket is designed to function as a lightweight & breathable midlayer for outdoor activities. Read the article to explore the fleece meaning & look at the various advantages of fleece.
A warm summer passes, and rains cease to make way for the mighty winter. With it, winter brings cold air, hot coffees, and winter festivities. The summer dresses and raincoats hibernate in the closets, and jackets and sweaters make their appearances. With life slowly getting back to normal, people cautiously making their way to foggy winter streets, you will need the choicest garments to make your winter debut.
Moving forward from conventional winter wear, many new jackets and hoodies have made their way into the modern men’s and women’s wardrobes. Bidding farewell to wool and fur, there is a new trend in the market - fleece. The fleece meaning is recognized in popular culture as the ultimate hip cold weather apparel. Made popular by athletes, mountain climbers, and believe it or not - sheep, this revolutionary fabric is designed to bring new levels of warmth and comfort to your life. But what is fleece exactly?
Through this article, we will explore the fleece meaning, look at the core fleece definition, and look at the various advantages of fleece. Including fleece in your daily life is cool because it is bound to make you feel cozy and warm. With new and new options cropping up in the fleece selection every day, you are bound to find something that is essentially comfortable and uniquely ‘you’.

What is Fleece?

What is fleece? Fleece is a miraculous product, which is entirely human-made. Despite being called the name ‘fleece’ after the unmistakable fur coat on the sheep, the fleece definition dictates that the material is completely synthetically made and is derived from plastic materials rather than a warm and fluffy sheep’s coat. The main feature of this material is that it is extremely fuzzy to the touch. This ultra-soft, warm, and breathable magic material makes it perfect for winter outerwear and assists you in keeping all things chill and cozy.

The easiest answer to what is fleece is that it is a synthetic material that looks and feels like a fur coat on sheep. It is extremely versatile, comes in a lot of color options, and can be paired with almost anything. With fleece jackets and inner layer options like fleece shirts, fleece pullovers, fleece hoodies, and fleece knitted sweaters, your winter will be colorful, stylish, and warm.

Advantages of Fleece

With the winter rapidly approaching, the advantages of fleece are huge. Due to the material’s warm and cozy texture, it is favored by people of all ages and genders to keep them safe and provide them a shelter from the storms. Despite being warm and furry, the material is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. According to fleece definition, this material is made with tight-knit polyester fibers, which ultimately prove to be lightweight but efficient even below zero degree celsius temperatures.

Wear Resistance

The fleece meaning is hidden in its usability. This material, made from the finest polyester fibers, is great for colder temperature. Due to its material, fleece jackets also prove to be effectively water-resistant. Not that you would want to wear your comfy jacket in the heavy rains, but it is very effective in sliding off the water caused by low temperatures, which keeps the cold from getting to you. This feature is extremely important if you love the mountains and are planning for a hike or two. Fleece jackets like this stretch fleece long sleeve full zip hoodie will make for a great outer or even inner layer in icy cold treks or winter campfire outings. It can take a little drizzle and will make sure that you are safe and comfortably dry and warm inside!

Dries Quickly

Due to its material origin, fleece tends to shed moisture easily. While materials like wool, cotton, and corduroy take a long time to dry, the fleece wins all the prizes. Its micro fibers made of polyesters shed the water out quickly and easily, and you can wear them almost every day. For the adventurous and the wild ones, fleece offers effective solutions in geographical landscapes with varying temperatures and weather. Comfy clothes made with fleece like this micro fleece set for men or a fleece for women that will keep you warm, fashionable, and dry. These outerwear options not only dry quickly but also can be paired easily with thousands of bottom wear options in your wardrobe.

Cost Effective

As the fleece meaning describes, fleece is a human-made synthetic material. Apart from being extremely stylish and ‘in’ right now, it is also very cost-effective. While wool and fur can cost a lot to purchase, maintain, and repair if needed, fleece is highly approachable and low maintenance. Fleece clothing items like this women’s knitted fleece high neck long sleeve tunic or men’s fluffy yarn fleece long sleeve pullover shirt will keep you warm and comfy without burning a hole in your pocket.

Increased Comfort

As we saw in the fleece definition, fleece is an extremely warm yet lightweight winter wear option. The knitting of this material is specialized in delivering heavy-duty warmth without feeling the weight of it. Unlike other winter wear materials like wool or fur, wearing a fleece jacket or inner layers like a shirt or pullover will not feel heavy or stuffy. The comfort of fleece lies in its breathable simplicity. Options like this women’s windproof fluffy yarn fleece full zip hoodie or men’s wool blend fleece jacket will provide you with ultimate protection as well as comfort without compromising on style or mobility.

Easy to Clean

Unlike the traditional winter jackets and sweaters, which need to be cleaned and dry cleaned and dusted and washed and softened and processed before every winter, fleece is a material that is extremely easy to clean and use. Its lightweight and microfibers make the task of cleaning it much easier than any other materials. Due to its quick-drying and water-resisting qualities, fleece is as good as a pick and wear option in winter wears. Low maintenance wear like this men’s fleece long sleeve full zip jacket or women’s smooth yarn fleece collarless jacket can make your life easy and stylish at the same time.