• 5 Types of Jeans for Men - The Right Fit for Your Body Type

5 Types of Jeans for Men - The Right Fit for Your Body Type

Jan 01, 2021 LifeWear
Wondering what type of jeans men should wear. Men's jean styles and fits can often be confusing. Read the article to know the different types of jeans men should check out.

How many times have you wondered what type of jeans you should wear? We all have been there. Whether you are regular shopping or want to try a new style, trying different types of jeans for men is a smart move. Not all the jeans are created the same after all!

Your attire these days is more than a matter of comfort or style statement these days. It shows and speaks your personality out and about. Thus, whether you are adorning a cool look for summer or gearing up for a lunch date, you always want to look your best.

And to help you nail every look here are different types of jeans for men should check out:

1. Slim Fit Jeans


Slim Jeans come with a slender fit from the hip to the ankle. They are similar to skinny jeans, but with slightly more room throughout the leg. If you are going for a smart, sleek look, this the perfect type of jeans you can go with. You will find a wide range of slim fit jeans in UNIQLO’s fresh collection.

2. Skinny Fit Jeans


Among the different types of jeans for men, skinny jeans are tailored to let you enjoy close-fitting throughout the leg. These jeans have become modern essential. No wonder, skinny jeans are every man’s wardrobe. If you want to adorn a sleek streamlined look, skinny jeans are perfect for you.

3. Regular Fit Jeans


This is one type of jeans that fits straight from hip to thigh. These jeans come with a mid-rise and large leg opening. Regular fit jeans are perfect for men who are not too big or too thin. So, guys who are neither too heavy nor too skinny generally prefer regular fit jeans.

4. Tapered Fit


Among different types of jeans with names for men, tapered jeans are a blend of straight and skinny fit jeans. These jeans on your skin will make you feel comfortable near the thighs and taper into a slimmer fit. For men who want to enjoy a slim appearance without having to wear completely fitted jeans. Find your favourite style and colour of tapered fits at UNIQLO.

5. Wide Fit


Want to be more relaxed? Go for an effortless denim style among different types of jeans for men. As the name suggests, wide jeans are an easy fit from top to bottom. So you can enjoy relaxed and more comfortable jeans through the knee. After flaunting skinny and slim fit jeans for a week, refresh your style with a cool look adorning wide fit jeans with a t-shirt for men and glasses.

Now that you know the most common types of jeans with names for men you will be more comfortable shopping for the right jeans next time. Whatever type and colour you choose just make sure wearing those pairs of jeans improves your appearance and confidence. Style your outfit with some good pair of sneakers and cool shades, and you are ready to rock your look all the time.