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  • Bring the lightness of linen into your life.

    Our linen collection is bigger than ever. Find your favourite pieces in this collection of lightweight, breathable clothing.

    Our top picks


    Look 1

    Combine earthy tones to add a touch of flair to a laid-back linen shirt.

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    Look 2

    Cut from a blend of linen and cotton, this grandad collar half sleeve shirt is a fresh take on a wardrobe staple.

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    Look 3

    A sky blue linen shirt looks stunning in the summer sun.

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    Aussie life with linen

    Three creators from Melbourne, Australia talk about life with linen.

    A lazy image

    Why do you love linen?

    Linen is a natural fibre. That’s why I wear it when I’m working on pottery. Like my art, it has a rustic feel to it. When I wear linen, I can relax and it puts me in a creative mood.

    Silk, ceramic artist

    I like that linen can be dressed up or down. I love wearing it when I’m dancing, having brunch in a cafe, hanging out with friends or going for a walk.

    Jasmine, dancer and content creator

    The best thing about UNIQLO linen is the unique texture. I think the colours are cool too. I often wear linen when I’m playing guitar because it’s light and comfortable.

    Steven, musician

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    UNIQLO linen

    Our collection includes both pure linen and blends, for multiple textures to enjoy.

    Pure linen

    Linen is said to be one of the oldest fabrics in human history, and has been worn for over 30,000 years. Known for its breathability and depth of colour, linen also gets softer with every wash and develops a unique wrinkled texture.

    Linen blends

    We blend linen with viscose or cotton to create smoother fabrics that drape well and resist the characteristic wrinkling of pure linen.

    The story behind the linen