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  • Men's Underwear, Briefs & Boxer Shorts

    When it comes to comfort, it’s what’s underneath that counts. Whether you're looking for classic men's white underpants, or something more bold and colourful, UNIQLO’s range of men’s underwear offers all varieties of fits, shapes, and styles for all varieties of gentleman: including men's briefs, men's trunks, and other styles of men's underpants. Choose classic comfort with our Supima cotton briefs. Opt for sleek style with low rise, regular rise and trunk fit boxer shorts. Be prepared for high performance with our supercharged AIRism men's boxers. All our men’s underwear comes in a wide range of patterns and colours to suit your wardrobe, whatever your taste: from men's white briefs, to men's black briefs, and a range of colours and patterns in between.

    Mix and match Men's Boxer Shorts & Briefs with 2 pairs for 12,90 € (excluding AIRism styles)