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    Let little ones really express themselves with our collection of UT printed T-shirts and sweatshirts for kids. Our wide range of collaborative designs feature graphics inspired by their favourite films, television shows, comics, and pop culture, so they can wear their world every day. Discover boys' printed T-shirts and girls' printed T-shirts in a huge range of colours and sizes.

    At UNIQLO, we’re constantly striving to further our sustainability initiatives, which is why we’re partnering with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI*) to improve cotton farming globally.


    TV animation ONE PIECE 25th

    In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the TV anime, the most popular characters from One Piece feature across this new collection of graphic T-shirts.

    Chiikawa x Sanrio characters : Sweets collection

    This sweet collection features Chiikawa and Sanrio characters surronded by delicious treats.


    Celebrate the bond between Pokémon and their trainers with this new UT collection.

    【OSHI NO KO】

    Popular anime Oshi no Ko makes its UT debut with an original collection that incorporates the cuteness and darkness of the series.


    Popular series mofusand makes its UT debut with this collection of illustrations featuring fluffy cats wearing costumes.

    LEGO® Space Collection

    The exciting world of LEGO® Space comes to UT with this collection of kids' T-shirts.


    This UT collection features the world of the popular game Minecraft on graphic T-shirts.

    UT Archive NY Pop Art

    Popular designs from artists Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring have been released from the UT Archive!

    Mickey Stands

    This limited-edition collection, available exclusively at UNIQLO, is made in collaboration with Disney.