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    Which down is right for you?

    Compare our down jackets and outerwear to find the right piece for your wardrobe.

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    Ultra Light Down is our lightest down. These featherlight designs contain premium down padding but can be folded into a pouch for easy, portable warmth. This is your ultimate transitional layer to navigate the change in seasons, or the perfect choice for climates where the days are warm but the nights are chillier.

    Ultra Light Down Vest

    Wear as a lightweight outer or middle layer

    This handy gilet is ideal for layering beneath longer outerwear in colder conditions, or over knitwear or a hoodie during transitional periods between seasons.

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    Uniqlo U Recycled Down Jacket

    Made from 100% recycled down

    We collect UNIQLO down garments from all over the world and transform them into new products. We recycle 100% of the down and feathers from used products our customers bring into store to make our recycled down jackets.

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    100% Recycled Down Jacket

    Conserving resources and minimising waste

    Using technology developed with Toray, we recycle 100% of the down and feathers from your old UNIQLO down jackets to create brand new ones.

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    Ultra Light Down Jacket

    The original, first released in 2008

    We developed our Ultra Light Down Jacket with the specific aim of providing the warmth of down, without the traditional bulky appearance.

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    Ultra Light Down Parka

    All the warmth of Ultra Light Down, with a water-repellent hood

    Everything you love about Ultra Light Down with a protective, adjustable hood. Perfect for unpredictable weather.

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    Hybrid Down

    Introduced in 2019, in collaboration with Japanese competitive snowboarder Ayumu Hirano, our Hybrid Down range is designed to offer the perfect balance of warmth and ease of movement.

    Hybrid Down Parka

    A classic parka, with the added warmth of down

    The contemporary styling of a casual parka, meets the warmth of down and the strategic use of padding to provide ease of movement.

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    Hybrid Down Coat

    Offering astonishing lightness and movement with cosy warmth

    This coat provides the ease of movement and heat retention of our Hybrid Down Parka with a longer, mid-length cut.

    Seamless down

    Our high-performance Seamless Down is windproof, water-repellent, and lightweight. We use thermal bonding instead of stitching to keep out the cold.

    Seamless Down Parka

    Designed to be high-performance for outdoor activities or casual streetwear

    Our Seamless Down collection is high-performance to protect you from the elements during outdoor activities, or just going about your everday life.

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    Seamless Down Short Coat

    A casual, short coat with skiwear-inspired details

    With slightly more coverage than the parka, this short coat is inspired by skiwear. Thick down quilting keeps you warm, while practical cut and component choices create a casual design that's easy to style and wear.

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    Ultra Warm Down

    Ultra Warm Down is our warmest down. Combining down, padding, and an insulating aluminium lining, Ultra Warm Down provides excellent heat retention without a bulky appearance.

    Ultra Warm Hybrid Down Long Coat

    The ultimate winter coat: our warmest down in a long length

    The warmest down in our collection combines premium down with padding and an insulating aluminium coating in a non-quilted design for a sleek look, while providing our best heat retention.