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  • AIRism collection

    What is AIRism?

    The secrets behind the technology that works to keep you cool and comfortable

    AIRism's impressive performance is hidden in ultra-fine fibres that absorb and instantly wick away sweat. Say goodbye to stickiness and discomfort this summer.

    Quickly dries sweat.

    With a smooth and soft feel against the skin.

    Underwear & Innerwear

    Princesse tam tam

    Princesse tam tam is a French brand made by women, for women. Discover brand new Princesse tam tam workout essentials that effortlessly blend cooling AIRism sportswear functionality with elegant everyday style to help you move like you mean it.


    What makes AIRism so comfortable?

    Functions vary across Discover the collection.

    Absorbs and wicks away sweat.

    Ultra-fine fibres quickly wick away moisture.

    Left: AIRism. Right: cotton

    Stretches for a perfect fit.

    Approximately 2x horizontal stretch and 1.5x vertical stretch*.

    *Based on the Men’s AIRism Crew Neck Short Sleeved T-Shirt

    Anti-odour functionality.

    Helps eliminate unpleasant odours caused by sweat.

    Effective against odours of ammonia, acetic acid, isovaleric acid, and nonenal.

    Smooth texture against the skin.

    Low friction gives a smooth feel.

    Left: cotton. Right: AIRism

    Instant cooling sensation.

    Smooth fabric maximises the transfer of heat away from your skin.