Our parkas are perfect for light rain and mild weather, whilst staying light and fashionable.

A functional windproof and water repellent parka, designed to block out the wind and the rain. The in built slot for your MP3 player and phone keeps you tuned in on the go.

This lightweight and windproof parka comes with its own small pouch that can be folded and transported to where ever you go. Available in a range of colours.

Experience exceptional warmth with our Ultra-Light Down parkas, combining stylish design with clever insulating construction.

Unpredictable weather calls for practical parkas. If you’ve ever been caught out in an unexpected downpour (and who hasn’t) you’ll appreciate this transformative jacket. Our parkas range from our lightweight and portable Blocktech to the cosy fleece-lined varieties but they’re all designed to tackle light wind and rain. Plus, choose from an array of flattering shades that work with everything in your wardrobe.