cotton knitwear


Slot seamlessly between seasons with our soft cotton and cotton-blend knitwear in a range of styles and colours.


A beautifully shaped silhouette created with one-of-a-kind Japanese knitting technology called “WHOLEGARMENT.” By producing a garment in one whole piece, a sleek and beautiful silhouette is formed. Comfort offers mobility and provides an ideal fit. This innovative technology enhances both your life and your style.

Cotton Cashmere

Available in a range of cardigans, sweaters and tank tops, our super soft 100% cotton knitwear is perfect to layer over your favourite dress or top for when it gets slightly chilly in the summer evenings.
For all day protection from the sun this summer, our UV cut cardigans and sweaters protect your skin from damage in a lightweight and trendy layer so you can enjoy the sunshine all day without the hassle of sunscreen.