We proudly present the ideal denim, crafted in conjuction with Japan's top denim manufacturer, Kaihara. This collection of premium denim represents our ongoing effort to produce jeans with higher quality fabric and an improved fit for unrivalled comfort.

About Kaihara

The world-renowned denim manufacturer produces premium fabric thanks to principles inhereted through tradition, history and legacy. All this has been retained and improved with help from innovations in technology.

Welcome to the city of Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture. Situated in between the picturesque Chugoku mountain range and the scenic Seto Inland Sea, Fukuyama is blessed with a rich, abudant natural environment renowned since the Edo period for producing a textile known as Bingo-kasuri.

Kaihara's story began in 1893, with their manufacture of handwoven, indigo-dyed kasuri fabric. Since then and thanks to their continued innovation in fabric technology, the company has grown into a world-leading manufacturer of denim with the largest share of the denim market in Japan. Kaihara is the only company in Japan that performs every step in the manufacturing of denim, from cotton selection to finishing, in its own factory.

Whether it's retro material designs produced on old-fashion looms or functional fabrics made using advanced technologies, Kaihara continues to explores the possibilities of denim through tradition and innovation.

Quality denim made possible
by integrated manufacturing


The unrivalled feel of Kaihara denim starts with the spinning of the yarn using state-of-the-art equipment

Kaihara's cutting-edge technologies, unparalleled anywhere in the world, ensure the production of the highest quality yarn in a fully computer-controlled factory. Only the best raw cotton from across the world is selected for use and cotton from different production areas is blended to suit the intended appearance of the fabric.
Yarn is then spun using a variety of different methods in order to achieve a wide range of possible results. Depending on the order, yarn may be spun to produce a uniform thickness or may be given an uneven texture for effect. These kind of minor differences and attention to detail in the spinning process result in major differences in the feel and look of the jeans.


The denim is dyed by experienced artisans using a prized formula

Kaihara was the first company to develop and introduce the rope-dyeing machine in Japan. This machine produces dyed yarn with a white core that causes the distinctive fading which typically characterises denim. As the name of the machine suggests, yarn is bundled into ropes and then is repeatedly soaked in indigo dye, removed and left to oxidise in air.
However, the dye is unstable by nature and changes in temperature and humidity will affect the finished product. Therefore, to achieve a uniform deep blue colour, minute adjustments must be made to the concentration and temperature of dye liquor, speed of dyeing cycles and oxidation time. No matter how far technology advances, the experience and intuition of the artisan remains everything.


Denim with unique properties produced by modern and traditional technologies

At Kaihara, a variety of looms are constantly in motion: from the latest computer-controlled models to rare, old-fashioned shuttle looms. Kaihara's modern machines are capable of weaving beautiful and smooth fabrics, while the shuttle looms that were originally used to produce selvedge denim during the vintage era today create fabric full of textured, retro charm. Despite their character, old looms can be inefficient, fragile and their operational complexity requires a skilled artisan to produce goods of truly high quality. To ensure consistent performance, the machine's expert operator must make delicate adjusments and repairs every single day, as though in constant conversation with the loom.