• Love our Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton T-Shirt? Then you’re sure to love this
Uniqlo U AIRism cotton T-shirts hanging in a row

Love our Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton T-Shirt? Then you’re sure to love this

Apr 28, 2023 LifeWear
If you’re one of the many people who have fallen in love with our Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton T-Shirt, you’ll know why it’s so popular. Alongside its effortlessly oversized silhouette, customers also talk about how comfortable this T-shirt is.

“Not hot, not stuffy When you wear it, it will be very cool.”
Male customer, aged 25 - 34, Thailand.

two models wearing the Uniqlo U AIRism cotton oversized T-shirt
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This cool comfort is thanks to the blend of cotton and our high-performance AIRism technology. But what exactly is AIRism, and why do UNIQLO customers love it so much?

What is AIRism?

AIRism technology wicks moisture away from your skin, while offering a lightweight feel you'll barely notice. Our customers love our AIRism range particularly in summer, as it reliably keeps you cool even on the year’s hottest days, but AIRism is cleverly designed to keep you comfortable, rain or shine, whatever the weather.

What are some other AIRism pieces might I like?

We have enhanced a whole range of everyday clothing with AIRism high-performance, technical functionality. As well as being a key component in our popular base layers and undershirts, keeping wearers cool and comfortable while they go about their day, you can also find the refreshing comfort of AIRism across underwear, hoodies, leggings, bra tops, T-shirts, and more.

Adding a refreshing foundation to your look

Start your outfit off with one of our AIRism tanks and tees: thoughtfully designed to keep you feeling fresh and dry, all day long. These essential undershirts quickly wick sweat away from the skin discreetly below your everyday outfits, so you’re always prepared to keep your cool, even when the heat is on.

model wearing AIRism base layer V neck T-shirt
Shop the look: AIRism V Neck T-Shirt

“Very light, breathable material. Soft and comfortable.”
Male customer, aged 45 - 54, UK.

Discover men’s crew and V neck T-shirts and tank tops designed to be worn under your outfit, all enhanced with innovative AIRism.

AIRism technology, with added support

For a base layer with added support, try one of our AIRism bra tops. A bra and a top all in one: our bra tops are tank tops and vests with built-in cups to provide comfort and reassurance. These tops give the support of a bra, without the discomfort of underwires or any visible straps that might disrupt the line of an outfit, or fall off a shoulder. Choose from a variety of styles and shapes to find the perfect base layer to wear under sheer tops or knitwear. They don’t have to stay hidden though; our bra tops provide enough coverage and support that they can be worn alone.

model wearing AIRism bra top
Shop the look: AIRism Sleeveless Bra Top

“This is the second one of the AIRism sleeveless bra tops that I have brought and I am delighted with them. They are so comfortable, work under almost any outfit and give the same effect as a padded teeshirt bra but 100 times more comfortable. The AIRism technology also means it works to keep you warm/cool whatever the temperature.”
Female customer, aged 55 - 64, UK.

Discover our lightweight AIRism tank tops and camisoles with built-in cups and experience wearable freshness all day, every day.

Shop the full AIRism collection for women, men, and kids.