• Make your clothes last longer with RE.UNIQLO studio
RE.UNIQLO studio Battersea

Make your clothes last longer with RE.UNIQLO studio

Dec 15, 2022 LifeWear
Make your UNIQLO clothes last longer and help to work towards a more sustainable future with our RE.UNIQLO studios.

sashiko repair stitch

We repair your favourite clothes so you can keep wearing them, and loving them, for longer. Feel like a change, but don't want to buy something new? Why not remake your beloved clothing into fresh new pieces and give them a new chapter in life.

needle and thread in pin cushion

Have clothes you no longer wear? You can also donate them at a RE.UNIQLO studio and we'll make sure they go to people in the community who need them. We collect secondhand clothes in stores and deliver them to people in need around the world. Alongside the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), NGOs, and non-profit organisations, we help to provide emergency clothing aid for refugee camps and disaster areas.

RE.UNIQLO studio at UNIQLO Regent Street

If anything is too well-worn to be loved by someone else, we recycle these items so they can be turned into new fibres, or even energy sources. Recently, we have been actively recycling garments into brand new clothing, starting with our down products.