• Celebrate a Summer of Colour
models wearing colourful UNIQLO clothing

Celebrate a Summer of Colour

Apr 27, 2022 LifeWear
Open up to a joyful summertime with colour-coded ensembles.

Pretty in Pink

Inspiration: everything from delicious sweet treats to tumbling spring-time cherry blossoms.

Zesty Orange

Inspiration: every hue of orange, from the vibrant pop of a fruity pineapple to the dark, smoky orange of a campfire at sunset.

Make Them Green with Envy

Inspiration: lush, deep greens reminiscent of forest landscapes and zingy lime greens for a burst of colour and character.

Cruise in Blues

Inspiration: light blue skies for a pastel palette ideal for the later days of spring, or moody blues perfect for dusky summer evenings.

The Simplicity of White

Inspiration: a calm, classic and clean approach to layering. Think freshly washed bed linens, fluffy balls of cotton and billowing, buoyant midday clouds.

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