UNIQLO diversity portraits series


Jul 06, 2021 LifeWear
Diversity & Inclusion
UNIQLO promotes diversity as a brand philosophy.

We celebrate Pride month together with customers visiting our stores. We respect diversity and inclusion, two fundamental principles for the society in which we live, and for Fast Retailing Group.

We work to create a safe work environment, respecting the sexual preferences and way of being of each individual, providing everyone equal opportunities. To this, we add our commitment to the employment of people with disabilities, to integrate them in our society.

This photographic collection is part of our campaign of Diversity & Inclusion, and it has been conceived to tell, through the faces of our team, the stories behind the concept of LifeWear: Made for All.

A portrait series of our team without hierarchies, in which we exhibit our most diverse traits: our faces. For this reason we invited participants with different sexual orientations, origins, genders, and social status.

When looking at the portraits, we see people who have the right to live and work with respect, freedom, dignity, and authenticity.

Our strength is LifeWear: Made for All.

Abdoulie, Customer Advisor

"I like working at UNIQLO, because I feel at home with the rest of the team. Here I found a new family, with whom I can share work and hobbies."

Ingrid, Sustainability Italy

"I'm glad that the company is committing to some activism campaigns, demonstrating its support of various social causes; it helps me to think that while working, we change people's perceptions. I feel like it's also important to guarantee our staff a sense of equality and respect, and I believe that the old prejudices based on diversity intolerance, and limits on personal freedom, are actually outdated."

Valerio, Staff Leader

"I'm proud to work in a company that gives me a chance of being myself without prejudice."

Gloria, Customer Advisor

"I like working at UNIQLO and I enjoy it because my colleagues help me a lot, and don't exclude me from their group. I love being around so many different people, and often I have fun watching all the colourful clothes we have in store."

Djiba, Customer Advisor

"UNIQLO is Made for All, indeed it gave me a chance to realise my dreams and ambitions, opening new doors and possibilities for me. Everything we do in life is hard, but nothing is impossible. We have to commit and never give up. This is the only way to realise our dreams."

Coline, Sustainability France

"UNIQLO is a company Made for All, where everyone has their space in society. Our company allows people to realise their dreams and ambitions."

Mattia, Visual Merchandiser

"I believe in the acceptance and respect of diversity among individuals, as basic principle of a society that can be defined as civil. The first step to guarantee that basic principle in our country should start from the education we give our children. Unfortunately, today, these values in Italy are considered as superfluous and not protected by law."

Marcella, Instore HR Italy

"There is a proverb saying: "The hand's fingers are all different"... and I would add "Nevertheless we need them all, and if one was missing, the hand wouldn't have the same functionality...". That's how it is at UNIQLO - we are all equally different but at the same time, necessary. This is our strength! I'm proud of working at UNIQLO and to have a chance to communicate with colleagues that can enrich me, thanks to their diversity. UNIQLO Made for All is not just a style concept, but also the cultural essence that makes UNIQLO an inclusive company that is open to change, and a company that commits daily to improve the world and transmit values of diversity and inclusion."