Feb 05, 2021 LifeWear
Recycling old clothes into new products is our latest challenge in our ongoing effort to link people, clothing and the environment more closely together.

We are beginning this challenge with our popular down collection by recycling 100% of the down padding and feathers from used products our customers bring into store. This will help us conserve resources, minimise waste and reduce our environmental impact, as we can use these recycled materials in the production of brand new Recycled Down outerwear thanks to new technology we have developed in collaboration with TORAY.

For those customers who bring in their old or unwanted down products for recycling, we're offering a €10 voucher to spend online or in-store.

To learn more about our RE.UNIQLO global campaign, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I use my thank you voucher?
You can use your Thank You Voucher at any UNIQLO store or online. For in-store redemption, just present your voucher at checkout with the new UNIQLO Down product you'd like to purchase (excluding Kids' and Babies' products) and €10 will be deducted from the price of that product.

For online redemption, please input the unique code that is printed on the Thank You Voucher at check out by clicking on the “Apply a Coupon” prompt and insert your code.

Q: What products are included in this down recycling initiative?
To guarantee quality standards, we can only accept UNIQLO Down products and unfortunately cannot use other brands’ down products. However, we are able to recycle all types of UNIQLO Down at our partner’s facility in Japan, in order to maximise the impact of this campaign.

Q. Can I donate UNIQLO Kids' or Babies' products?
At this time, we cannot accept UNIQLO Kids' or Babies' products as part of the Down Recycling Programme, as their padding is not made from down but instead an insulating polyfill fibre. However, you can still donate these items via our regular recycling programme, where we give your Kids' and Babies' products a second life by distributing them to families in need.

Q. Can I use more than one Thank You Voucher in the same transaction?
You can redeem more than one Thank You Voucher on an in-store purchase, but only one per down item. If you're shopping online, you cannot redeem more than one voucher per order.

Q. Is the Down Recycling Programme global?
Yes! The Recycled Down Programme is being rolled out across Europe and in many other countries across the world. However, your Thank You Voucher can only be used in-store or online within the same country that it was distributed.

Q. How does this programme differ from UNIQLO's all-product recycling initiative?
The purpose of our all-product recycling initiative is to donate clothes to those indeed, including refugees and homeless communities. The purpose of our Down Recycling Programme is to recycle old, unused materials to create brand new products.

Q. Recycled Down will be used to create new down products. Does that mean UNIQLO is producing new garments?
In the design and manufacture of our upcoming 2021 Autumn/Winter collection, we will use the down we have collected from this programme to create brand new, 100% recycled down products in order to reduce our use of new down materials.

Q. Is UNIQLO down sustainable in the first place?
Yes. UNIQLO Down is responsibly sourced according to international standards. The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) aims to ensure that down and feathers come from animals that have not been subjected to unnecessary harm. We believe that education – through RDS – is a meaningful way to drive demand for strong animal welfare practices. Learn more about our ongoing work with the RDS here.

Q. Can I bring in my UNIQLO Down products for recycling and receive a Thank You Voucher even if they are damaged?
Yes. We will accept your UNIQLO Down products even if they have holes, stains, and/or a broken zip. As long as there is still down within the jacket, you can recycle it with this programme and receive a Thank You Voucher.

Q. Will you continue to collect UNIQLO down even after the programme has ended?
Yes, we will keep collecting down to recycle. After collection, we will continue to return it to the designated warehouse. The distribution of Thank You Vouchers will finish at the end of March 2021. We will also continue to carry out our all-product recycling initiative.