Sep 10, 2020 LifeWear
Our all-weather classic gets an eye-catching upgrade
We believe that creating LifeWear that can improve the lives of our customers means listening to what you have to say about our products. We believe it means revisiting our designs season after season, making alterations and updates to reinvent the clothes you already think are great in the hope of making something even better.

That's why we never accept 'great' as enough. Even though we know customers all around the world already love our Ultra Light Down Parkas, we continue working to find new ways to improve these UNIQLO masterpieces in the pursuit of something more.

For the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2020 season, we've made a few small changes to our Ultra Light Down Parkas that we think will make a big difference to how they revolutionise your wardrobe; whether it's the first time you're experiencing our innovative Ultra Light Down range or whether you're a seasoned ULD-lover simply back for more.


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This autumn and winter, we've updated our women's Ultra Light Down Parkas to give them a casual, more relaxed silhouette. The shape of the coat subtly billows for an elegant yet laid-back shape which lends itself effortlessly to simple layering, providing space for other layers beneath the parka. All this without a hint of bulkiness.

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We've updated the construction of the parka's lining with anti-static properties. The hood stoppers are also now positioned inside the hood for a neater, more stylish aesthetic.


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This season, our Ultra Light Down Parkas for men boast a pitch 1.3cm wider than last year's model, providing a versatile and easy-to-style silhouette that sits comfortably above other chilly weather layers like long sleeved tops and knit jumpers.

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Much like our women's parka, we've also begun using new anti-static fabric. We've also rearranged the stitching on the outside of the coat to follow a diagonal pattern, much more reminiscent of old school sporting coats or gilets for a touch of simple yet timeless style. To complement this, the ripstop shell fabric now has a subtly glossier sheen for a sporty-inspired look.


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Of course, the features you already know and love haven't gone anywhere either.

Our Ultra Light Down collection still boasts a durable water repellent coating for keeping dry in unpredictable weather; ideal when you're heading out into a light shower and you're looking for breathable, lightweight protection.

It also still offers surprising warmth in an incredibly portable profile. All our Ultra Light Down Coats, Jackets, Parkas and Vests come with a handy pouch, into which each piece of outerwear folds easily away. They're so light, they're perfect for popping in your bag and pulling out when the temperature unexpectedly drops or you're hit with a surprise shower. In fact, the average weight of our Ultra Light Down Jackets this season is just 235g. That's about the weight of an ordinary apple.

And of course, all our Ultra Light Down products are filled with premium down for the reliable, all-season warmth and heat retention performance you expect from our signature outerwear lineup.

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