Feb 02, 2020 LifeWear
In Autumn 2016, we established the Jeans Innovation Center (JIC) in Los Angeles with one objective in mind: gather an archive of samples, trends and fabrics in a single location in order to craft timeless pairs of jeans. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies and operated by renowned specialists, the JIC today works tirelessly to craft innovative jeans that will define the future of fashion.


The JIC is re-evaluating not only the development of denim fabric, but the very nature of jeans themselves. Partnering with J BRAND to ensure there is no compromise on style, silhouette and comfort, the JIC strives for flawless authenticity using state-of-the-art processing methods.

Manufacturing quality jeans all comes down to the material, so the evolution of our range for men, women and kids goes hand in hand with the development of the perfect denim. We work with textile and fibre manufacturers around the world to develop completely new materials for the ideal pair of jeans.

Finish treatments such as washing, fading and distress detailing determine the final look of jeans. Specialists hailing from all over the world work at the JIC to explore the possibilities of these finishing processes, including combining traditional craftsmanship techniques with state-of-the-art technologies like laser processing to truly expand the horizons of what is possible with a simple pair of jeans.


In addition to using a groundbreaking approach to design, the JIC strives to revolutionise the manufacturing process. With that goal in mind, JIC specialists have completed their latest venture: an environmentally-friendly denim processing method that significantly reduces water usage.

Because the washing stage is critical in creating a comfortable pair of jeans, water remains an indispensable element of production. However, the JIC’s new reduced-water processing method has drastically reduced total water usage. Compared to previous washing methods, the reduced water method brings water usage down on average by 90%, but that number can be as high as 99%.

The JIC’s facilities use lasers, bio-washing, nano-bubbles and other cutting-edge equipment and techniques to make JIC’s reduced-water processing method truly unique. Despite this, the JIC never sacrifices fashion in favour of function; reduced-water processing does nothing to detract from quality or style. Through trial, error and great consideration towards environmental responsibility, the JIC’s novel techniques have produced effortlessly stylish and remarkably eco-friendly jeans.

In the near future, Fast Retailing will craft all its jeans using this reduced-water method. But a re-evaluation of production techniques is just one step towards a brighter future characterised by exciting, boundless innovation. In conjunction with growing efforts to reduce the load on the environment and improve workplace conditions, Fast Retailing aims to one day create “waterless” jeans that entirely remove water from the manufacturing process.

At Fast Retailing, it is paramount that jeans are made with design, comfort and environmental responsibility in mind. This is the LifeWear that drives UNIQLO at its core – an endless pursuit of the infinite possibilities offered by fashion and technology. Above all, we aspire to steer the world towards a better future.

The revolution in denim has only just begun.

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