Aug 11, 2020 LifeWear
Get to know our Cashmere, Extra Fine Merino & 3D Knits
The LifeWear philosophy is at the core of everything UNIQLO designs, creates and does. We work constantly in pursuit of simple, affordable yet exceptional clothes created with incredible attention to detail. We want to create clothing that benefits everyday life for people everywhere.

To ensure that everyone’s lives around the world are enriched by our clothes, we are committed to improving all aspects of our products, from function and quality to the type of materials and how they are made.

One of the most important parts of this process is mindfulness and care for the environment and the people who make our products. This philosophy is especially evident in our knitwear.


Our cashmere range is one of our most popular collections, boasting jumpers and cardigans with an incredibly luxurious feel and 100% cashmere construction.
Much of the cashmere we use is collected during the Spring moulting season, when cashmere goats naturally shed their winter coat. The product is finer, lighter, softer and approximately three times stronger than other types of wool. Although, we don't typically refer to cashmere as 'wool', since it is the hair of a cashmere goat.
We have begun to implement this method of sourcing cashmere across many of our farms and will have completed a transition to only sourcing cashmere in this way by 2020.

Discover our cashmere knitwear collection for women
Discover our cashmere knitwear collection for men


Made entirely of premium 19.5-micron extra fine fibres, our Merino wool is a great all-rounder for every season, as it’s both breathable and temperature-regulating. Whether you’re draping a light cardigan over your shoulders at the beach or layering under heavy coats and scarves in the winter, our Extra Fine Merino does it all.
To continue to improve, adapt and change for the better, we are constantly looking at how we can further promote animal welfare within our own processes and the processes of our suppliers. Therefore, we are changing our Merino wool suppliers to partner exclusively with farmers who do not practice mulesing.

Discover our extra fine merino knitwear collection for women
Discover our extra fine merino knitwear collection for men


Using specialist WHOLEGARMENT equipment designed in Japan, our 3D knit jumpers and dresses are produced three-dimensionally as one entire piece. The intelligent machinery we use offers much more precise control than weaving traditionally, allowing for new and exciting ways to manipulate fabric.
As part of UNIQLO’s ongoing global commitment to minimising waste and reducing excess materials, our use of WHOLEGARMENT 3D knitting equipment results in a lessened carbon footprint thanks to streamlined, efficient machinery. Using only exactly the required amount of yarn to knit a product, WHOLEGARMENT technology allows UNIQLO to produces its 3D knit range while drastically reducing volume of surplus material. Good news for sustainability, which is good news for tomorrow.

Discover our 3D knitwear collection for women