Jun 04, 2019 LifeWear
Women's football can change the world!
UNIQLO is proud to announce a new collaborative UT collection with PARK Social Soccer Co.

Founded in 2015, PARK SSC is a brand founded with one simple objective: to help disadvantaged children achieve their true potential through the sport they love -- football..

Thanks to partnerships with a wide range of charities and organisations, every product PARK creates provides vital aid to youth in need over the world. PARK SSC's work has helped refugees, abandoned children and at-risk youth by championing opportunity and empowerment for girls and young women through sport.

UNIQLO is proud to partner with PARK SSC on this brand new collaborative T-shirt collection, designed to celebrate the power of women's football and deliver that message that the sport truly can change the world. The collection features an exciting 'Le football féminin peut changer le monde!' slogan (which translates as 'Women's football can change the world').

The collection features designs for both adults and kids, meaning the campaign's important and empowering message can be shared with everyone. Our T-shirts for adults come in two striking designs: black and gold or white and black. For little superstars and football fanatics, T-shirts are available in white and black.

Half of the proceeds from each T-shirt sold will be donated to Chitral Women's Sports Club in Pakistan. The club was founded by Karishma Ali, the first female athlete from the town of Chitral who has represented her country in the AFL International Cup and the Jubilee Games. The club has run successful football camps and development programmes for local girls.

With a prominent message of positivity in French inspired by the upcoming Women's World Cup hosted in France, this collection aims to encourage more women and girls around the globe to start or continue playing football and get involved in a sport that builds character, confidence and courage.