Mar 13, 2019 LifeWear
As the weather begins to change and the seasons shift, so should your wardrobe. It's time to ditch your heavyweight winter coats in favour of something a little more suited to the coming season.

Introducing: the BLOCKTECH range. An effortless coming together of function and fashion, with classic outerwear choices including elegant trench coats, retro parkas and simple zip-through jackets for him and her.

With water repellency, windproofing, seamless bonding technology, is easy to be impressed by all the clever technology used in the BLOCKTECH range. But what do all those features actually mean for you and your life? Let us take you step by step through what your day might be like with a reliable BLOCKTECH coat by your side.


You wake up to the gentle sound of light pitter-patter against your window. You groan as you realise it means a walk to work covered in chilly rain.

Fortunately, you quickly realise you’re one step ahead of the weather. You get dressed as normal and throw your lightweight BLOCKTECH parka on top of the rest of your ensemble. Oh, that’s surprisingly lightweight and flexible. Maybe, you think, you might just enjoy this commute?

You step out into the rain and join the groups of workers half-running their way to buses with folders over the heads and blazer jackets forming crumpled shields against the weather. You, however, stride calmly through the fray, letting rain bounce off you as you stay dry and comfortable. Seamless bonding technology demonstrates its value from the get-go: a stitch-free design means there’s nowhere for errant water to seep below your coat and you head to work unfazed, knowing you're ready to tackle the day and all its challenges.


You’ve made it to the office and everyone’s complaining about the rain (as usual). You try not to sound too smug as you tell everyone about your fancy new coat from UNIQLO.

Time to settle down and get on with the day. Off comes the BLOCKTECH. Its intelligent design boasts a soft-touch material finish which handily lets rain slide right off the shell of the coat, preventing leftover residue. That’s great, you think, for two reasons. Extra protection from precipitation is always a plus when the weather is less than forgiving and an absence of lingering water means, you reckon, it’ll probably dry quickly.


You were right. As you reach for your BLOCKTECH outerwear, it’s already dry and ready to go for round two. But good news! The sun’s shining through your office windows and your co-workers are excitedly planning an extravagant lunch at the spot down the road you've wanted to try for ages. You join them as they head out in T-shirts, shirts and blouses.

You admit, the weather’s certainly picked up, but you bring along your BLOCKTECH parka just in case - it’s lightweight enough that it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference anyway.


Lunch was great and now you’re sure you’re just too full to work. Oh no, there it is. That familiar sound. Pitter patter, pitter patter. Your co-workers bemoan the fact they left the warm confines of the office without a suitable coat as you silently slip into your trusty new jacket. Enjoying a leisurely stroll back to the office, you appreciate the fact you won’t be sitting in wet clothes for the rest of the afternoon. You don’t let anyone rain on your parade.


The end of another work day comes around and it’s been a good one. Looking out the window, the sky is trying to decide between another sunny spell and or a cold shower. Risk the walk home? Hop on rain-safe public transport?

You begin the ten minute walk to the nearest tube station. It’s far windier than it seemed inside – these gusts are really whipping up a bit of a chill. Fortunately for you, you don't let the weather take the wind out of your sails. Your new BLOCKTECH parka is fitted with a protective laminated film designed to shield you from blustery winds, ideal for keeping out the cold. You pull the drawcord at the hem of your coat tight and immediately feel the benefit. Arriving at the station, you remark to yourself how you were comfortable enough to have continued walking.

Stepping onto the crowded underground train carriage, you don’t even bother taking your upper layer off for the journey ahead – it’s so lightweight and breathable that this new (and usually stifling) heat doesn’t get to you. You’re used to wearing heavy, knit seasonal coats and the lightweight design of your UNIQLO coat feels refreshing. It’s hot on the tube, but it’s cool beneath BLOCKTECH.


After returning home for some dinner, it’s time to head out and meet some friends for drinks in the city. Make no mistake about it, it’s started raining again.

You’ve spent the last 45 minutes meticulously getting ready and you look really good in your outfit (if you do say so yourself). The last thing you or anybody else wants is to step out into challenging weather and have all their hard work undone by the unruly behaviour of a downpour.

That’s why you cleverly pop your BLOCKTECH parka on top to protect your brand new outfit. That’s the beauty of BLOCKTECH: no matter how good you look when you leave, you look just as good when you arrive.


After a lovely evening, you return home (at a sensible hour too, nice forward thinking) and begin to pack up for another day at work tomorrow. Filling your backpack, you check off the list: lunch, laptop, BLOCKTECH coat. You head to bed, ready and prepared to do it all again. You fall asleep soundly knowing that tomorrow, you’ve got a good day in the bag.


Are you ready to get the better of wetter weather? Learn more about our innovative BLOCKTECH technology, including how it works and what more it can do for you.