Mar 08, 2019 LifeWear
Comfort & style at the office
When we think of being comfortable at work, we might think of office desks covered with readily available snacks, hot beverages on demand or an appropriately ergonomic keyboard. What we often neglect to consider is dressing for the comfort, support and confidence we need to help see us through a typical day’s challenges, difficulties and obstacles. The right outfit can change so much about how you feel at work; the quality of fabric, the fit of an outfit, the breathability of the design. There's a lot to consider when selecting the perfect work ensemble.

As office dress codes have shifted over last few decades and leaned, at least in most sectors, towards the more relaxed side of ‘smart-casual’, it’s become easier to dress comfortably, expressively and individually. What most people struggle with however is finding outfits with that timeless touch of formality which do not sacrifice on comfort.

We’ve collected some of our favourite examples from our collections for women and for men which showcase our innovative stretch-enhanced fabrics, incredibly breathable tops and effortlessly elegant trousers which keep you feeling just as good as you look.


Model left wears: Rayon Long Sleeved Blouse, High Rise Wide Leg Trousers
Model right wears: Rayon Long Sleeved Blouse, Linen Blend Wide Leg Trousers

Prioritising comfort doesn't have to mean sacrificing style. When you're working hard all day, the last thing you need is a top with an uncomfortable fit, tight fabric or a heavy, suffocating drape. Fortunately, our collection of rayon blouses for women boast a tremendously lightweight and breathable design with a refined, silky soft feel, meaning you can move with the freedom and flexibility you need to perform at your best. The great thing is, our range has been designed with elegance in mind and offers a range of style choices; choose from classic or contemporary collar and neckline designs, including regular shirt collars, skipper collars, stand collars, V necklines. Really, whatever you need to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Model left wears: UV Cut Jersey Blazer Jacket, Rayon Dotted Long Sleeved Blouse
Model centre wears: Pinstriped Stretch Blazer Suit Jacket, Rayon V Neck 3/4 Sleeved Blouse, Pinstriped Stretch Blazer Suit Trousers, Italian Leather Belt
Model right wears: UV Cut Jersey Blazer Jacket, Supima Cotton Stretch Long Sleeved Shirt, EZY Ankle Length Trousers

The blazer is an indispensable element of workwear and smart wardrobes for a reason. With one simple layer, you can take an everyday outfit and give it a chic, professional twist.

Narrow notch lapels, two button fasteners and a flattering fit; our blazer designs give a traditional staple a touch of effortless 2019 elegance. But how do they feel to wear? Check out our Stretch Suit range for women; generous stretch functionality, a smooth, premium texture and fine-tuned measurements ensures that these pieces move as you do to keep up with your day, no matter how hectic things get.

Pair one of our Stretch Suit Blazers with a matching pair of trousers, pencil skirt or regular straight line skirt - available in refined shades of black, grey and navy with pinstripe options for an easy officewear edge. These pieces are made for movers and shakers.

Model left wears: EZY Ankle Length Trousers, Supima Cotton UV Cut Crew Neck Cardigan, Vintage Skinny Leather Belt
Model centre wears: Ankle Length Wide Leg Trousers, Rayon Stand Collar 3/4 Sleeved Blouse, V Neck Cardigan
Model right wears: Rayon Skipper Collar 3/4 Sleeved Blouse, Easy Care Stretch Trousers


Model left wears: Kando Blazer, Super Non-Iron Shirt, Silk Tie, Italian Leather Belt, Kando Trousers
Model right wears: Kando Blazer, Extra Fine Cotton Shirt, Kando Trousers

For the best part of a century, the two-piece suit has been the quintessential formal staple for any man's complete wardrobe. The perfect statement of sophistication, style and professionalism, the suit in the workplace has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last fifty years. Today, thanks to our innovations in fabric and fashion technologies, the classic staple of workwear no longer has to feel restrictive or uncomfortable during a long day's work.

Explore our range of Kando clothing for men: an incredible stretch material developed in conjunction with professional golfer Adam Scott makes it feel like the clothes are designed to fit your body -- not the other way around. Amazing DRY material properties provide quick-drying action, so when the heat is on in the boardroom, it's much easier to not sweat the little things. And a tremendously lightweight design with a refreshingly breathable feel weighs half as much as a traditional wool blazer for a truly modern take on a classic design.

Model wears: Kando Blazer, Supima Cotton Jumper, Kando Trousers

The magic of Kando is the use of sports-grade fabric technologies to improve your performance in your day-to-day. So whether your commute means you're braving the tube, hopping on the bus or getting on your bike, do it in the confidence that you're being supported by a high-performance upgrade on a staple of traditional style.

Model left wears: Blocktech Coat, Kando Ultra Light Trousers
Model right wears: Kando Blazer, Extra Fine Merino Crew Neck Jumper, Easy Care Shirt, Kando Trousers, Three Way Bag

Not every day, however, calls for the refined formality of a suit. Whether you're heading to work for casual Friday or you're just looking to give the traditional sensibilities of the blazer look a touch of homely charm, do so with a carefully chosen layer of knitwear or a suave overcoat. Our range of Extra Fine Merino jumpers and cardigans for men make the perfect office accompaniments - layering up with finely woven, lightweight yet impressively warm knitwear is ideal for regulating body temperature throughout the day.

Heading out for lunch? Keep your well-curated professional ensemble looking as sharp as you by protecting it with a smart BLOCKTECH coat. Armed with a water repellent and windproof finish to keep errant rain and blustery gales at bay, BLOCKTECH provides the perfect choice for combatting challenging climes while retaining a sophisticated edge. Choose from longline single breasted trench coats with sleek, matte finishes and hooded fishtail parkas for a touch of understated retro flair.


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