Nov 29, 2018 LifeWear
There's snow Christmas like a snowy Christmas, and with the prospect of a white Christmas on the horizon of possibility for 2018, it's time to think about preparing ourselves and our loved ones for wading through inches of the crunchy, icy goodness. Okay, we might be getting a little too optimistic for the end of December, but it's certainly time to reconsider how we approach our layers in winter. Too often, we face the chill head-on by adding layers of heavyweight outerwear, thick knit jumpers and stuffy scarves. While this timeless approach has its own benefits, it also leaves much to be desired; these options aren't breathable, they're not comfortable and they offer none of the versatile adaptability we really want from our winter wardrobe.

Introducing: HEATTECH innerwear. By beginning cold weather preparations with a high-tech, highly breathable and highly comfortable base layer, you are afforded a much wider choice of clothing to choose from when it's cold. Pick that half-sleeved dress back up -- you'll be more than warm enough to rock it exactly how you want to. Head to work in a two-piece suit without freezing on the way. What better gift to give this Christmas than the newfound opportunity to dress however they like while the cold weather hangs around? Explore our entire range and pick exactly what's right for that special someone...


Shop women's HEATTECH jersey innerwear

Shop men's HEATTECH jersey innerwear

Meet HEATTECH jersey: our innovative fabric technology which uses moisture released by the body to generate new warmth exactly when you need it most. These base layers are incredibly lightweight and breathable, sitting comfortably and easily below their favourite winter outfits with little intrusion. The only difference they'll notice is the cosy, all-encompassing warmth these next-to-skin layers afford them as they step outdoors. A wide range of neckline and sleeve length configurations mean these tops will slot seamlessly into their favourite ensembles -- opt for a scoop neck with long sleeves so their HEATTECH innerwear remains invisible beneath other layers. They're also perfect as standalone layers to be worn indoors on chilly days.


Shop women's HEATTECH Extra Warm innerwear

Shop men's HEATTECH Extra Warm innerwear

Our HEATTECH Extra Warm range boasts material 1.5x thicker and warmer than our regular HEATTECH. This increased performance range is ideal for uncomfortably chilly days, where they might need a tougher helping hand to fend off the increasing cold. By investing in heavier grade innerwear, they can also opt for a lighter and therefore more flexible outer jacket layer, meaning their freedom of movement isn’t impeded by bulky fabric and chunky padding -- something we all reluctantly face every winter.


Shop women's HEATTECH Ultra Warm innerwear

Shop men's HEATTECH Ultra Warm innerwear

This is HEATTECH Ultra Warm. Our warmest and highest performing HEATTECH yet. 2.2x thicker and warmer than our regular HEATTECH range, these reliable innerwear pieces are designed for extended periods spent out in the cold, winter sports and other demanding activity. Everyone's got someone on their Christmas list who loves carving down the side of a mountain on a pair of skis, braving the biting cold in the name of a long hike or even just taking an extended walk on Boxing Day -- Ultra Warm is made for these hardened winter adventurers.


Shop women's HEATTECH stretch fleece

Shop men's HEATTECH stretch fleece

Meet the perfect combination of the classic and the contemporary. This is where fetching fleece is combined with the powerful performance of HEATTECH technology; a revolutionary reimagining of that winter mainstay we all know and love, updated to meet all the demands and expectations of today's wardrobe. A stretch fit means these pieces move as the wearer does to provide comfort in all situations -- whether they're trying to find the perfect reading position at home or getting active in the great outdoors.

Struggling to figure out which grade of HEATTECH is right for you? Read more about our innovative innerwear range and just which situations you might use it for.


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