Oct 19, 2018 LifeWear
The best time to shop for winter is before the frost has settled in, before the skies have turned that permanent, ominous grey and before the days have become shorter and darker than we’d all ideally like. The secret to tackling the end of year chill is preparation. And we’ve come prepared.

We know that buying a winter coat can be a tricky, meticulous process. As it should be. You’re expected to rely on your outerwear to keep you warm as you walk to the shops, commute to work, meet friends and generally live your day-to-day in conditions doing their best to make you feel the freeze.

Introducing: the Seamless Down range from UNIQLO. Take the hassle out of the search and opt for a winter jacket that’s as high-tech as it is stylish, offering unparalleled warmth and surprising lightness to the touch. This is the winter jacket that’ll revolutionise your wardrobe.

But what exactly does ‘seamless’ mean and what makes it different to other autumn and winter coats you’ve had before?


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Take a look at your traditional winter coat. Those without a seamless design feature tiny stitches where different swathes of material have been sewn together. What's the problem? Unfortunately, small gaps between these stitches are prone to allowing cold wind and precipitation through your winter defences, leaving you colder and potentially wetter than you want when the temperatures are plummeting below zero.

Our Seamless Down coats and jackets are designed to eliminate the need for most of these stitches, ensuring there’s nowhere for errant water or freezing blusters to go, leaving you toasty and protected whatever the weather.

Lightly elasticated cuffs also ensure drafts don’t get in through your sleeves, so you're comfortably sealed in no matter how bad the winter gets.


Shop women's seamless down
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The intelligence of our design doesn’t stop there, however. Let it rain on your parade and take pleasure in watching as light precipitation simply bounces off the shell of the coat’s ripstop fabric thanks to a Durable Water Repellent finish.

We’ve also updated the panelled hood for the new Fall/Winter season; it now boasts a more protective and three-dimensional design with a contoured profile for improved wind blocking.


Shop women's seamless down
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We’re famous for our down-padded outerwear– whether you’re looking for a long coat, short jacket or even a sleeveless gilet, you’ll find a reason to keep slipping it on when the weather’s not on. That’s because we fill our autumn and winter layers with a mixture of 90% premium down and 10% feathers which is perfectly concocted to provide valuable, insulating warmth while still allowing you to move with unrestricted freedom.

Our Seamless Down filling is unique mix of ethically sourced natural down and specially designed synthetic down for the ultimate experience of warmth, capturing your natural body temperature for comfort in even the chilliest climates.

"I love this coat, it's like wearing a warm duvet, without the weight."

- Clarita

• • • • •

"Very toasty warm so can wear over a blouse or lighter top without getting cold. Lovely surprise when I found the fleece lined pockets for toasty hands too!"

- Patsie60


Shop women's seamless down
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Float on through your day as if cushioned by a warm, cosy cloud. Seamless Down is not works hard to regulate your body temperature and keep you warm, it does so without weighing you down with bulky materials likely to cause overheating.

In fact, our Seamless Down Hooded Coat only weighs approximately 560g. That's less than two normal apples.

"The weight is almost non existent. But still warm and snug. The technology on the zipper on this coat, and in all Uniqlo products, is brilliant!"

- Mackiie


Shop women's seamless down
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You'd be forgiven for thinking that a coat so technically proficient and thoroughly warming could only excel at the expense of its aesthetic, fashionable properties. Seamless Down, however, makes no such sacrifice.

Newly updated to provide a more elegant and flattering silhouette, our Seamless Down coats and jackets are perfectly cinched to create a sleek shape that goes above and beyond the look of a traditional winter coat. Now you can look as good as you feel while you take on the year's chilly climate with confidence.


Just because the days are getting darker doesn't mean your wardrobe has to match. Enjoy a pop of colour with our wide selection of sleek, stylish colourways for women and men. Choose the shade that suits you and your individuality.

"Purchased this jacket 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love it. Can dress it up and down and I will certainly be wearing it for many years to come."

- jordynlm

"The colours are getting better every winter."

- CarlosF


Watch as our Seamless Down is subjected to rigorous weather experiments: