HEATTECH is a revolutionary form of innerwear that provides a solution to the cold and does away with imposing excessive layering in order to keep warm. Made from a specially designed fabric it captures heat from your body and retains it to keep you warm.


The secret behind the warmth of HEATTECH actually isn’t a secret at all, but a case of science and an immense amount of research. HEATTECH’s most vital quality is that it uses moisture released by the body to re-emit heat. Our HEATTECH range targets insulation and endurance throughout colder conditions. Insulating ‘thermal wear’ at cutting-edge material thicknesses will keep you warm throughout our fall/winter seasons.

14.90 €


Extra Sizes

1.5X warmer and thicker than regular Heattech, HEATTECH EXTRA WARM features a raised nap lining which makes it ideal for very cold days.