Men's heattech collection

Take action against the elements with UNIQLO’s range of HEATTECH. Comfortably regulating your body temperature without the discomfort of bulky clothing, these tops, socks, trousers and accessories cleverly use moisture released by the body to retain heat and keep you warm in colder months. Crank up the heat in more challenging conditions with Extra Warm and Ultra Warm pieces.


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    Outfit your wardrobe with our range of innerwear armed with HEATTECH technology, providing reliable warmth in a lightweight, breathable design. Choose from a selection of tops with crew neck, V neck and turtleneck designs. Opt for a pair of insulating tights to complete your lineup.

  • Heattech Extra Warm

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    Keep cold weather at bay with our Extra Warm HEATTECH innerwear. Designed to be 1.5x thicker and warmer than regular HEATTECH, these pieces are ideal for days when the weather just won't stop biting. A raised nap lining on our tops provides a soft, fleecy touch for cosiness on the go.

  • Heattech Ultra Warm

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    Ultra Warm is here. 2.2x thicker and warmer than regular HEATTECH, this collection of innerwear tops and bottoms fends off intense cold with ease while sitting comfortably beneath the rest of your outfit. It's our most powerful, most insulating HEATTECH yet.