Our UT collection celebrates patterns and prints within pop culture, featuring a range of characters, brands and artists for a fun alternative to simple tee.


Get 2 UT Graphic T-Shirts for 14,90 €!

Master of Graphics Star Wars

The Star Wars universe has inspired creative minds all over. Three legends of Japanese streetwear pay homage to a galaxy far, far away in this special UT collection.


These freestyle graphic print designs capture all the intense, ink-splatting action of Nintendo's popular Splatoon series - ideal for eager Inklings big and small!

Scandinavian Pattern Collection

A charming graphic print collection featuring designs inspired by beautiful textiles and the bright sunshine of a Scandinavian summer.


Discover an exclusive Marvel collection as drawn by popular New York-based artist Jason Polan. This collection is inspired by Marvel's greatest artists, who have influenced Polan since he was young.

Super Mario Family Museum

Since its historic debut in 1985, Super Mario has entertained, delighted and challenged fans all over the world. Celebrate the legacy of one of the most important video game franchises of all time with this brand new Super Mario Family Museum graphic print collection, which pays homage to well-loved characters and moments from Mario's generations-long story.

Mickey Blue

Discover a brand new Mickey Mouse collection illustrated in charming shades of indigo and ocean blue, providing new and refreshing takes on timeless, globally recognised iconography.

The Brands Bicycle

A collaborative graphic print project which celebrates the timeless value of the bicycle by paying homage to Europe and Asia's leading bicycle manufacturers.

SPRZ: Supergeometric George Sowden

Designer and product developer George Sowden was born in Leeds, UK in 1942. At the age of twenty-eight, he moved to work in Milan, where he opened his own design studio. In 1981, he became one of the founding members of the Memphis Group, a postmodern design and architecture group. In 2010, he started the company Sowden - his own-name brand. His prolific work with pattern and decoration stretches back to the 1970s and continues even today.

SPRZ: Supergeometric Dusen Dusen

Ellen Van Dusen is the founder and designer of Dusen Dusen, a home textiles and clothing line based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work is characterized by bold, colourful patterns inspired by fine art, commercial and naive design, as well as the brain’s reaction to colour, contrast and movement.

Minions Every Day's A Weekend

Every day is a weekend when you're hanging out with your favourite Minions! Explore a unique collection designed to celebrate the Minions' mischievous and adventurous lifestyle.

MULTIBUY online exclusive
MULTIBUY online exclusive

Studio Sanderson

Traditional, English inspired design. One of the most trusted UK’s interior brand which is the Purveyor to the Royal Household more than 100 years (Founded in 1860). Especially, the botanical floral patterns textile collection is loved among any age. This collection conveys traditional nostalgia with our product.

The Brands Okashi

Born in Japan and loved throughout the world, "okashi" (sweets / snacks) brings happiness to everyone. A collaboration project with designs of the tasty and pretty okashis.

The Brands Masterpiece

A brand collaboration project with internationally familiar brands incorporating their renowned "masterpieces" and logos.

My Little Pony

The My Little Pony brand has been spreading the magic of friendship to fans of all ages for over thirty years. Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack are six pony friends who always stick together. Join them on fun adventures across Equestria with this exciting new collection!


Charlie Brown and Snoopy have returned to UNIQLO. Peanuts, the internationally-loved American comic strip created by Charles Schulz, has been translated into 21 languages in more than 2,200 newspapers in 75 countries. Now discover all the charm and learned wit of the world's favourite comic strip characters in this brand new graphic print collection.


Pieter Ceizer is a Dutch typographer and artist living and working in Paris. His work varies from minimalist script design to dynamic and colorful abstract compositions. Ceizer’s skillful play of written words brings a balanced mix of humor, poetry and empowerment. Exclusively for UNIQLO, Ceizer designed the ‘No Worries Club’ collection, celebrating free spirit and positivity.


Since 1985, Discovery Channel has been exploring the wonders of our universe -- from the depths of the oceans to the outer stars of our solar system. Inspired by this infinite curiosity, this collection encourages discovery of the natural world and beyond.


UNIQLO is proud to present a brand new collection of Mickey Stands graphic prints, charming designs featuring classic Mickey iconography for fans big and small.


The Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Collection includes the four-cell manga style that’s sure to bring back the warm memories you have with Hello Kitty.

Sumikko Gurashi

Live life in the corner with your favourite Sumikko Gurashi characters in this inspired loungewear collection.


This is a collection that colourfully depicts the unlimited possibilities that Lego® Blocks have for learning while having fun.

This new collection celebrates the 90th Annixversary of Mickey Mouse's 1928 big screen debut!

Between every once upon a time and each happily ever after lies a fabled kingdom of art and imagination. Journey to this magical place, together with Disney and UNIQLO, and discover the charming characters, faraway places and treasured artwork of the world's favorite storytellers. After all, you're never too old to believe that dreams really do come true.

Minions Party

A collection of The Minions having a party! Let's sing and have fun with the cheeky Minions! Boo Ya!

Disney Blossoming Dreams

A collection for girls who make their dreams blossom by idolizing Disney's heroines. Designed with elegant flower patterns that symbolize the characters who fulfill their dreams with strength and gentle hearts.

A colourful cast of monsters and muppets invites you to see the world through a new pair of eyes. Celebrated contemporary artist KAWS has redrawn Sesame Street's iconic characters in his own signature style. Shop this unique collection of T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and toys. You're never too old for the street.