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  • Arigato Festival Offers
    100% Premium Linen Shirt
    Arigato Festival is here! Celebrate and experience the luxury of pure linen for less.

    Arigato Festival Offers end June 2nd.
    Arigato Festival Offers
    Linen Blend Relaxed Trousers
    An airy blend of linen and cotton with added stretch for all-day comfort.

    Arigato Festival Offers end June 2nd.
    May 23rd - June 2nd
    UNIQLO Picnic Tote
    Get a free UNIQLO picnic tote bag with cooling compartment with purchases over 80 €. Available online and in-store while stocks last.
    Arigato Festival Offers
    Ribbed Cropped Fit Sleeveless Bra Top
    2-in-1 comfort.

    Arigato Festival Offers end June 2nd.
    Halter Neck Ribbed Cropped Sleeveless Bra Top
    Our much-loved bra top in a new halter neck design.

    Arigato Festival Offers
    Girls AIRism Cotton Ribbed Sleeveless Bra Top
    The familiar feel of cotton meets the functionality of AIRism.

    Arigato Festival Offers end June 2nd.
    Bra Tops Collection
    Discover a collection of comfortable everyday tops with built-in support.
    Arigato Festival Offers
    DRY Piqué Polo Shirt
    A smart-casual classic with tech fabric features for reliable, long-lasting comfort.

    Arigato Festival Offers end June 2nd.
    Arigato Festival Offers
    Kids DRY Piqué Striped Polo Shirt
    Made with DRY technology for a fresh feel.

    Arigato Festival Offers end June 2nd.
    AIRism Cotton Oversized Crew Neck Half Sleeved T-Shirt
    The best-selling T-shirt.

    So Many T-Shirts, So Many Styles
    Eight essential silhouettes, each with its own personality. Discover this season’s starting lineup of T-shirts.

    Arigato Festival Offers
    Parachute Cropped Trousers
    With a cropped fit and wide, curved silhouette.

    Arigato Festival Offers end June 2nd.
    Arigato Festival Offers
    100% Premium Linen Shirt
    The summer classic: pure linen in a lineup of easy-to-style colours.

    Arigato Festival Offers end June 2nd.
    Linen Blend Jumpsuit
    Simple summer style, in an elegant linen blend.

    Arigato Festival Offers
    Girls Ultra Stretch AIRism Flared Sleeveless Dress
    A flared silhouette with 360-degree stretch fabric.

    Arigato Festival Offers end June 2nd.
    AIRism collection
    Ultra-fine fibres are the key to AIRism's fresh feel. These fibres quickly work to absorb and disperse sweat away from the body.
    AIRism Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt
    This classic crew neck combines the natural look and feel of cotton with the high-performance properties of AIRism.

    AIRism Sleeveless Bra Top
    AIRism keeps you feeling fresh and comfortable, even when you sweat.

    AIRism UV Protection Mesh Hoodie
    UV protection shields their skin from the sun, while AIRism keeps them feeling cool and fresh.

    Roger Federer Collection by JW ANDERSON
    JW Anderson teams up with Roger Federer once again for Spring/Summer 2024 to celebrate the history and aesthetics of tennis.
    UNIQLO x Marimekko Summer 2024
    UNIQLO and Marimekko are pleased to announce a new limited-edition collection; just in time for the joyful summer sun.
    A modern collection that honours the iconic mid-century designs of the past, and showcases the artists living and working in London today.
    Modern, classic LifeWear essentials designed for Adam Scott
    A collection designed for Adam Scott that combines performance functionalities with stylish details.
    Edo Era Animals UT Collection
    This collection showcases animals depicted by prominent Edo era artists.
    Arriving May 30th
    HAIKYU‼ UT Collection
    Celebrate the release of the new Haikyu!! movie with this collection of T-shirts that captures the enthusiasm and dedication of high school volleyball teams.
    Arriving May 30th
    Find Your TREASURE UT Collection
    This exciting new UT collection features the songs of the globally popular K-pop idol group TREASURE.
    Kaiju No. 8 UT collection
    This T-shirt collection tells the story of Kafka Hibino, who gained the power of Kaiju No. 8.
    LifeWear Magazine Issue 10
    Lightness Essentials
    Pale colours, crisp fabrics, functional details. Seventeen styles that bring “lightness” to life.
    Spring/Summer 2024 collection
    This season's collection brings soft washes of colour and gentle, natural fibres in functional yet comfortable designs to lighten your everyday.
    UNIQLO Masterpiece
    AIRism Cotton Piqué Polo Shirt
    This casual, comfortable polo shirt has a classic piqué design and features AIRism functionality to keep you fresh and comfortable.
    24 hours with Roger
    Fourth Stop: Shanghai
    “Here in China, there’s a way of life that’s so different from what I know. But I have a deep respect for the ways that unite us all.”
    PEACE FOR ALL charity T-shirts
    Discover five new T-shirts featuring Moomin, alongside designs by Khaled Hosseini, Hakuji Kuiseko, Jason Polan, and Takeshi Yoro.
    Blue Cycle jeans
    Blue Cycle significantly reduces the amount of water used in the jeans finishing process, by up to 99%.
    Clothing made from recycled materials
    Our ability to recycle materials is growing as technology evolves, and we're increasing the proportion of our clothing that is made from recycled materials.
    The story behind our premium linen
    Linen is one of the world's most enduringly popular fabrics; we turn to it every summer for lightweight, breathable comfort and elegant, breezy style.