Museums of the World UT Graphic Hoodie

Photography by Yoshio Kato


Text by UNIQLO

UNIQLO has cultivated partnerships with the world’s foremost art museums. What makes these places shine is a combination of their city settings, community engagement, and collaborative styles.

It’s like adding brilliant colours to a fresh new canvas. That’s how we see what happens when majestically creative artwork is displayed on a simple T-shirt from UNIQLO. In May 2013, UNIQLO inaugurated a long-term partnership with The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, which has one of the strongest collections of modern and contemporary art in existence. Though at first glance “clothing” and “art” might seem like separate fields, our dream was to provide both of these, in high quality to people all over the world. In accordance with this vision, we embarked on a museum collaboration, uncommon at the time.

Since developing our partnership with MoMA, we’ve gone on to collaborate with other world-class institutions, linking up with England’s Tate Modern in March 2016 and with France’s Musée du Louvre in February 2021. Through free-admission programs, product collaborations, and special events, we’re spreading the empowering message of “Art for All.”

The sweatshirts pictured here are one such recent endeavour, featuring the official logos and facades of all three art museums. Released this autumn as the Museums of the World UT Collection, these items aim to garner attention for museums, helping visitors to have a dreamlike experience. Each has its own unique mood and personality, but in the pages that follow, we’ll look closer at how these museums are collaborating with UNIQLO and what makes them so valuable to their communities.


The Museum of Modern Art, New York
©Omi Tanaka

MoMA Trivia

The Museum of Modern Art was founded in 1929 by Lillie P. Bliss, Mary Quinn Sullivan, and Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, three visionary women dedicated to sharing modern art. The photo on the far left shows MoMA in 1939, not long after it was established. Since opening its doors, almost one hundred years ago, MoMA’s collection has expanded to almost 200,000 artworks spanning media and genres. Campbell’s Soup Cans, to the left, is among the most popular works of art with visitors.

©The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. Trademarks Licensed By Campbell Soup Company. All Rights Reserved.

Ten years of partnership with MoMA

This year marks almost a decade of UNIQLO’s partnership with MoMA, ​​which began in 2013. Our collaboration continues to be impactful in the realms of clothing and art alike. In collaboration with MoMA, we launched the SPRZ NY project in 2014. The T-shirts, which showcased the work of eight matchless icons of New York’s pop art history, including Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, were incredibly successful and went on to inspire future collections. In 2017, we signed a multiyear sponsorship contract, which was renewed again this year. For our most recent collaboration, MoMA Art Icons UT, we featured iconic works of art from the Museum’s collection, such as Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night and Claude Monet’s soothing Water Lilies and adapted them for UT, bringing the lushness of fine art into daily life.
  • 2011

    The first MoMA × UT T-shirt collaboration MessageArt Now! marks the opening of the UNIQLO 5th Avenue store in New York.

  • 2013

    UNIQLO and MoMA inaugurate their partnership.

  • 2014

    The SPRZ NY project is launched, featuring work by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Ryan McGinness.

  • 2017

    UNIQLO’s and MoMA’s partnership continues with collaborative projects including UNIQLO Free Friday Nights and SPRZ NY. Pictured are participants lined up for “UNIQLO Free Friday Nights”.

  • 2019

    UNIQLO and MoMA collaborate on UTGP 2020 + MoMA throughout the year.

  • 2021

    The new UT collection is launched, riding the success of winning designs from UTGP 2020 + MoMA.

  • 2022

    MoMA Art Icons UT is released. UNIQLO and MoMA continue their partnership around the idea of “Art For All.”

Artist Testimony

Ryan McGinness 

Contemporary Artist

Born in 1972, McGinness is an American contemporary artist living in Manhattan. His works are in the permanent collections of the MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In 2014, he participated in SPRZ NY, a collaboration between MoMA and UNIQLO.

The Value of Visiting MoMA

When people ask me what’s my favourite art museum in New York, I always answer “MoMA.” It’s all about the lobby. The MoMA lobby is designed to offer a kind of opening ceremony for art appreciation. Under the high ceilings, you can feel the atmosphere of the outside world evaporating from your body. The sweeping ground floor pulls the sight line off into the distance, preparing you to focus on the works ahead. This is a place to pause before setting foot into the numerous other worlds inside the gallery and having spiritual encounters with the art. A place to reset the heart and mind. The lofty stairwell may pose a challenge to museum visitors, but it also triggers the reward system, since the mind assumes that all of this physical exertion must be worth it. This is sort of a trick, it’s true, but the staircase tells us “Keep going, it’s worth it.” And I believe it is worth it, it really is.

Tate Modern

©Tate (Matt Greenwood)

Tate Modern trivia

London’s former Bankside Power Station has housed Tate Modern since May 2000. The new Blavatnik Building, pictured to the far left, was opened in 2016. Tate Modern is home to the United Kingdom’s national collection of international modern and contemporary art, comprising many thousands of artworks. Over a hundred years of art is on display here, from turn of the century examples of early modernism to contemporary works. Pictured to the left is a sculpture in the gallery by French sculptor Auguste Rodin.

©Tate (Marcus Leith)

© Tate (Matt Greenwood)

An ideal interface for
people and art

2021 marked the twentieth year since UNIQLO opened its first overseas location in England. To celebrate, we’ve renewed our partnership with Tate, focusing on Tate Modern, which specialises in art from the twentieth century onward.

Our collaboration dates back to 2016 and the UNIQLO Tate Lates, a series of free activities, events and workshops. Geared toward younger audiences, these late-night events brought in over 550,000 guests in four years, wrapping up in 2020. Playing off of this success, UNIQLO has supported Tate Modern since June 2021 with a new program called UNIQLO Tate Play.

The idea is to give all participants a space to “play and create.” By taking part in these free events at the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, families and younger audiences can participate in the artistic process. Regardless of age or gender, all are welcome to take part. As participants draw on the floor, creating a massive collective artwork, the positivity is palpable. But it is also an opportunity for self-reflection. Here guests will find an ideal interface for people and art.

Snapshot from Power to Change, a free workshop promoting positive action against climate change. Participants in this “live art” event included a wide range of kids and adults.

Art space inspired by British artist Lubaina Himid, where families were welcomed to experiment with building wooden artworks using tools like hammers, saws and drills. Designed so that families can play freely with the works that they create.

Image from Mega Please Draw Freely, an artwork by Ei Arakawa on exhibition from July and August 2021. Participants were welcomed to sketch, tag and draw on banners spread over the floors of the Turbine Hall, creating an enormous living work of art.

Curator testimony

Mark Miller

Director, Tate Learning

Mark Miller joined Tate in 2006, as a curator for the Young People’s Programme. Today, as Head of Programme & Practice, he is involved in several creative learning programs and events across Tate.

Fostering personal connections

We have the Tate Modern to thank for reminding us that art influences every aspect of our lives. Whenever I set foot in the Turbine Hall, I become keenly aware that this great city of London is brimming with artistic possibilities. As a familiar space where anyone can experience contemporary art from all over the world, and as a monumental feat of architecture, Tate Modern is a place where countless treasured memories are made. Visitors can move about the gallery spaces as they please, or they can follow a route devised by our curators. These journeys help us savour the richness of the ideas of the artists. At Tate, we value our strong connection with the people of London. These relationships are always developing and changing, even as we speak. UNIQLO Tate Play is just one of the many ways that people come together here, but there’s a lot more where this came from.

Musée du Louvre

©I.M. Pei / Musée du Louvre / Olivier Ouadah

Musée du Louvre trivia

Originally built as a palace for the royal family, the building now known as the Musée du Louvre has been witnessing French history for 800 years. It first opened its doors as an art museum in 1793 after the French Revolution. Pictured at the far left is a painting of the museum in its early years by French artist Hubert Robert. Beside it is a contemporary photo, showing a glimpse of the museum’s world-class art collection, which includes works from thousands of years ago up through the present, widely ranging from the Americas to Asia.

©Hubert ROBERT, Projet d'aménagement de la Grande Galerie, vers 1798, circa 1798, oil on canvas, Musée du Louvre, Paris

© 2010 Musée du Louvre (Angèle Dequier)

Partnership Between
Musée du Louvre and

In February 2021, the Musée du Louvre and UNIQLO signed their first partnership agreement. In this capacity, UNIQLO has supported the museum’s Mini-Discovery Tours: twenty-minute guided tours run by dedicated staff.

©Monna Lisa – Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo, Leonardo da Vinci

From the first Louvre x UT collaboration in September 2021. The men’s collection features one-of-a-kind designs from legendary British graphic designer Peter Saville.


Sarah Andelman

Creative director

Studied art history at École du Louvre. Founded legendary Parisian shop Colette in 1997. Andelman now works as the founder of Just An Idea, a consulting company connecting people from various disciplines.

An art museum open to all

Because of my background studying art history at the École du Louvre, the museum is a familiar place to me. I’ve spent countless hours studying behind these walls.

This was around the time the Carrousel du Louvre was opened underneath the museum. I can still remember how happy I was to have a food court in the same building as the Louvre, where I could grab some french fries or a macaron between classes.

For me, that experience perfectly embodies this unparalleled museum’s spirit of openness. The Louvre may be a top-tier institution, home to some of the world’s finest works of art, but it is also a modern and accessible museum, opening its doors to special exhibitions by contemporary artists (I’m thinking of a performance by French artist JR and a work displayed in the courtyard by Maurizio Cattelan, both of which are seared into my memory). The museum is also open-minded when it comes to activities and retail. I also remember the fashion shows that have been held at the Louvre. They were a special time.

What makes enjoying the collections such a treat is that you can transcend time from one gallery to the next. Care for a trip to Egypt? Or how about the Renaissance? From the centre of Paris, right by the Tuileries Garden and the banks of the Seine, you can make contact with such a vast amount of history, a fact that makes being here all the more special.

I think that everyone who visits must be in awe of all the history. And that history is presented through the fresh lens of 2022. I’m excited to see what’s in store for the Louvre. As the collection ages, it feels like the museum is getting younger all the time.

Partnership Between
Musée du Louvre and

In February 2021, the Musée du Louvre and UNIQLO signed their first partnership agreement. In this capacity, UNIQLO has supported the museum’s Mini-Discovery Tours: twenty-minute guided tours run by dedicated staff.

©Monna Lisa – Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo, Leonardo da Vinci

From the first Louvre x UT collaboration in September 2021. The men’s collection features one-of-a-kind designs from legendary British graphic designer Peter Saville.

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