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  • UNIQLO x Steamery

    Clothing Care Guide

    Uniqlo x Steamery brings clothing and clothing care to new heights, representing innovation, technology and longevity.

    Uniqlo offers LifeWear; essential clothing designed to make everyone’s daily life better and more comfortable – always with a focus on high-quality, durability and timeless design.

    With a mission of making it easy for people to use their clothes for as long as possible, Steamery offers modern clothing care tools with a Scandinavian touch.

    Clothing care is something that used to be common knowledge, but in our fast-paced modern world, there is a demand for smart tools and time-efficient hacks.

    Together, we want to bring new life to the traditional principles of clothing care and adapt it to the modern citizen's needs. To share the knowledge that might actually change norms and habits. Because we can’t keep on treating clothes the way we do today, it’s simply not possible in the long run.

    That’s why we have created this Clothing Care Guide, where you can learn more about how to wash less, wash right and care more. Because clothes that are properly maintained will last.