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Kanshasai festival is a chance for us to give back wholeheartedly to our customers, showing sincere gratitude to those who support us in our ongoing journey. Watch this space for information about our next Kanshasai festival where we will team up with local partners to offer you special offers, gifts, and events.

What is kanshasai?

Kanshasai is our opportunity to demonstrate our gratitude to the customers who visit us and the community who cordially welcomes us, bringing the Japanese hospitality philosophy of omotenashi to the world through our festival of thanks. Translated literally, the meaning of omotenashi, made up of omote ('public-facing') and nashi ('nothing') might not be immediately clear. But its deeper meaning can be found in service that comes from the bottom of the heart, motivated by honesty and authenticity, with no hint of pretence or artifice.

The origin of this spirit lies in the Japanese tea ceremony, or sado, where a tea master prepares tea for their guests in a moment of shared appreciation and gratitude. The true meaning of omotenashi is deeper than just proving outstanding hospitality, and is about entertaining guests wholeheartedly. There is no task too small, if the result ensures a great experience for a guest. This is the spirit we bring to Kanshasai.

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