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    Build your workwear capsule wardrobe with essential pieces that you can mix and match to create effortlessly stylish looks for the office.

    The ultimate easycare blouse

    Viscose Blouse


    Not only does viscose have a refined lustre and softness, this blouse is also wrinkle-resistant thanks to a special yarn we created by wrapping viscose around a polyester core.


    In order to maximise the flexibility and drape of viscose we found the perfect balance of thickness of the fabric and the density of the weave, while ensuring the finished blouse was opaque when worn. Updating the weave from plain to twill gives more elasticity to the fabric, while fuzz-suppressing adjustments keep this blouse looking brand new - even after multiple washes.

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    With more people working at home, many of us are prioritising comfort when choosing what to wear to work. Explore options available that feel work-appropriate, without compromising on comfort or style.

    Stylish yet lightweight

    Relaxed Tailored Jacket

    Sharp look, relaxed fit

    Combining classic UNIQLO quality with modern comfort, this tailored jacket is packed with comfortable design features to create a smart piece you'll look forward to putting on, day after day.

    Versatile and lightweight

    This jacket has a longer length for easy styling with matching trousers or layering over more casual looks.

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    The exquisite texture of pure Merino wool

    Extra Fine Merino Jumper

    Shrink-proof wool

    Wool's wonderful natural texture has made it the perfect choice for soft knitwear, with its only downside the risk of shrinking your favourite jumper in the wash. By applying a special shrink-proof treatment to our Extra Fine Merino knits, we remove the stress of taking care of your wool jumpers; allowing you to machine-wash them with ease. We also treat our knitwear to suppress pilling and twisting, ensuring the elegant texture and beauty of pure wool are long-lasting.

    Dyed in the wool

    Extra Fine Merino knitwear is known for vivid colours with a glossy finish. In order to create even more beautiful colours in our Extra Fine Merino, we dye the raw wool fibres, rather than the spun yarn.

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    2-Way Stretch fabric

    Smart Ankle Length Trousers

    Combining elegance and comfort

    These trousers have a smart silhouette, but they have hidden depths: cut from fabric that stretches both vertically and horizontally, these trousers will keep you comfortable, all day long.

    Made from recycled plastic bottles

    While keeping the comfort of added stretch, we developed a fabric with the look of cotton and the texture of wool from a blend of polyester made from recycled bottles, and viscose. We dyed it in multiple colours and spun it into yarn to pursue the elegance, softness and drape of wool.

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    2-Way Stretch fabric

    Side Pleated Narrow Skirt

    Elegant pleats for easy movement

    Not only do the side pleats on this skirt create a sleek and elegant look, they also make it easy to walk in. As well as the pleats, there is a slit at the back of the skirt for extra leg room and comfortable movement when walking.


    We used a blend of viscose and polyester to create a skirt with a refined lustre and softness that's also wrinkle-resistant.

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